SYSTEMS WELL-SUITED FOR EMERGING MARKETS AND ENTRY-LEVEL VARIABLE PRINT APPLICATIONS Allen Coding announces the global launch of two new thermal transfer printers designed for the unique challenges of emerging markets and entry-level variable print applications. The new systems combine quality print with up to 40% cost savings and true real-time,Read More →

  OCS CHECKWEIGHERS SHOWED ITS WIDEST PRODUCT PORTFOLIO EVER AT INTERPACK 2014 During the 20thInterpack edition OCS Checkweighers showcased its most comprehensive product portfolio ever. Covering almost twice the size as the previous stand from Interpack 2011, OCS will answer every aspect of current and future application needs. With OCS’sRead More →

Low pressure, high profit  What do you do when you have developed best-performing, revolutionary portioning equipment? You make it even better! Since its conception in 1999, RevoPortioner has amassed a vast amount of knowledge and research, taking it from an innovative approach in portioning technology to a range of machinesRead More →

Meat is the most popular Polish export product. Poland does not use genetically modified organisms that help to create a “natural” product image. The Polish pork, veal and beef are the most well sold meat products abroad. The country has also been successfully exporting poultry meat, which is in demandRead More →

The Ocean Excellence Modular Drying Units are designed for flexibility and scalability. The base unit is a 40” reefer container unit. The basic configuration, 1 + x is a one equipment unit that can serve up to three drying units. In order to meet the demands of smaller scale operationsRead More →

Ocean Excellence is taking the opportunity at this year’s European Seafood Exposition to introduce its new design of modular fish drying units, a containerised processing system that offers flexibility in layout as well as capacity. Drying has long been an important part of Iceland’s fish processing heritage, and Icelanders haveRead More →

Packaging industry has been proposing very innovative solutions in the last three years, including for the shelf stable seafood products. Among those are the CPET plastic trays or the cans with peel able transparent plastic lid. These packages need a highly accurate control of the overpressure in the autoclave duringRead More →

Industrial meat processors are looking for potential to make the production of sausage meat faster, cheaper and more efficient. Emulsifiers from LASKA are the machines of choice when a high hourly output with a constantly high product quality is desired. The machines produce stable and fine emulsions while being gentleRead More →