MSP Magazine is your successful pathway of promoting your company, product or event.

We provide different advertising options based on your concrete marketing strategy.

The devotion to the trade mark and the customer’s love are the most important battles, which should be gained. Choose one or more of the advertising options and assure your lasting place in the consciousness of the customers.

Why to advertise in MSP Magazine:

  • to attract new customers in Europe, Russia and CIS
  • to keep the already existed customers and let them ask for bigger orders
  • to remind, that your door is always open and that you have the needed products

Advertising in MSP Magazine is a great investment on a publication that directly targets an active and an industry’s most qualified audience on a bimonthly basis with the opportunity to present your products and services to the companies from the regions, which the magazine cover. Offering affordable marketing campaigns, MSP will be the right media needed to grow and expand your business.

In addition to the printed version and because most of our readers give prominence to speed and flexibility we offer an easy access to the digital version of MSP Magazine. It is a complete, full-featured digital replica of the print magazine. Your advertisement appears just as it does in the print version.

Designed to keep the industry and all sector related professionals informed about the top-themes of the branch, our website is the go-to site for customers from around the world and a very effective toolfor companies to promote their products and services to key decision-makers and to gain extra visibility. We have a number of prominent advertising positions available on our site. So, if you are looking to target anyone from small to major market players, please contact us for additional information.

Monthly e-newsletter focused on reporting the top monthly news from across the industry. The e-newsletter is free to subscribe to.

This technique can be valuable if you have the right mailing list.With our industry leading E-database of companies from Europe and Russia/CIS countries there is not a more direct way to reach industry.

We support our advertisers by publishing their PRs and news and encouraging them to submit potential articles to further boost their sales and popularity in the Europe and Russia/CIS markets.

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