MSP Magazine is a unique specialized bimonthly publication serving as an international provider of profound world news, market overviews, product information, prospects and top notch trends, as well as exclusive company profiles, all within the fields of the meat, seafood and poultry industry.

MSP Magazine contains a large variety of detailed information which may help you take decisions concerning your business, as well as to increase your competence and profitability by familiarizing yourself with the recent technological innovations, industry trends, and unique management and marketing solutions. The magazine keeps you updated with current market dynamics, draws your attention to the stories of successful companies serving as examples to be followed, contains affluent technical studies with both a practical and theoretical focus, and reflects a wide variety of effective corporate policy strategies.

MSP Magazine is an international forum for world manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers informing all sector related professionals about the top-themes of the branch. The Magazine is of interest to industry leaders, associations, investors, media and the public.

MSP Magazine is created by an experienced and professional editorial team. As a source of cutting edge world news, the magazine is essential for every company that wants to maximize export opportunities, increase companies’ technical and management proficiency and to establish a network of international branch contacts.

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