The Filling and Portioning Systems division (F&P) of Handtmann invests around 14 million euros in the construction of a new assembly hall. The specialist in and market leader for end-to-end technology solutions in the food processing sector is part of the widely diversified Handtmann Group of Companies. With a symbolicRead More →

Thanks to the rapidly increasing number of vegetarians and flexitarians, plant-based substitute products as an alternative to conventional meat products are a flourishing growth segment. These plant-based meat analogues, meat imitations, meat alternatives, vegetarian meat products or fake meat products, as meat substitute pro-ducts are also called, imitate the texture,Read More →

The Handtmann Group of Companies acquires the Inotec Group and thus strengthens the international sales organisation of both companies. Inotec is a leading manufacturer of innovative mixing and emulsification technology for the food processing sector. Tying and separating machinery for sausage production complement the product range. The company was establishedRead More →