Ultra-fine grinding, emulsifying and homogenising are the particular strength of the variable and high-performance Handtmann Inotec grinding technology. A vast variety of pre-products, from fluid to viscous products with firm, viscous or fibrous contents, are powerfully fine-ground, homogenised and emulsified. Classic applications include boiled and cooked sausage, cold cuts, no-meatRead More →

  Born out of an artisan brass foundry in 1873, Handtmann today is a worldwide operating technology company with 4,300 employees, of which 2,700 work at the company headquarters in Biberach an der Riss. The company, which has been managed by the Handtmann founding family for 150 years, is decentrallyRead More →

The Filling and Portioning Systems division (F&P) of Handtmann invests around 14 million euros in the construction of a new assembly hall. The specialist in and market leader for end-to-end technology solutions in the food processing sector is part of the widely diversified Handtmann Group of Companies. With a symbolicRead More →

Thanks to the rapidly increasing number of vegetarians and flexitarians, plant-based substitute products as an alternative to conventional meat products are a flourishing growth segment. These plant-based meat analogues, meat imitations, meat alternatives, vegetarian meat products or fake meat products, as meat substitute pro-ducts are also called, imitate the texture,Read More →

The Handtmann Group of Companies acquires the Inotec Group and thus strengthens the international sales organisation of both companies. Inotec is a leading manufacturer of innovative mixing and emulsification technology for the food processing sector. Tying and separating machinery for sausage production complement the product range. The company was establishedRead More →