Designed in compliance with EHEDG guidelines, certified by Weihenstephan and verified by the highly respected Fraunhofer Institute. Laska is not merely keeping up with the growing importance of hygienic design for companies in the food industry, it is actively shaping and promoting it. Laska is not the only developer andRead More →

Whether it’s the best meat and sausage products, fish, cheese, bakery products, confectionery, fruit and vegetable delicacies, behind the excellent processed foods around the world often stand the highly developed LASKA machines. The family business was established in 1880, in Innviertel. During that time, Johann Laska began selling butchery supplies.Read More →

MSP MAGAZINE: WOULD YOU PLEASE INFORM OUR READERS, WHAT WAS YOUR MAIN FOCUS AT IFFA 2016? WHAT DID YOU PRESENT THERE? At IFFA 2016, LASKA presented the new Vacuum Emulsifier, the advancement of the renowned LASKA NanoCutter series and convincing with its versatile applications. In addition to two production linesRead More →

Meat processors nowadays often store large amounts of minced meat in E2 boxes: either to have fat or lean meat at hand as corrective material, or to be able to counterbalance peaks of demand. Today this process is done by hand: meat from a grinder or soft separator is collectedRead More →

Industrial meat processors are looking for potential to make the production of sausage meat faster, cheaper and more efficient. Emulsifiers from LASKA are the machines of choice when a high hourly output with a constantly high product quality is desired. The machines produce stable and fine emulsions while being gentleRead More →