The challenges of injection (process) The precision of the injection and along with it the quality of the product mainly depend on the following factors: the brine composition and conveyance process and the composition of the piece of meat/fish. This problem is a challenging task for the manufacturers of injectors.Read More →

Although Russian market shows a slowdown of consumer prices of meat and meat products which is largely related to the drop of the population’s incomes, Russian pork supply to foreign markets has doubled in the last nine months. This information was provided by Yuriy Kovaliov, Head of the National UnionRead More →

Meeting Consumer Demand for High Quality, Clean Ingredient, Humanely-Raised, Organic Charcuterie Reunion Foods announces the launch of its organic Charcuterie lines; artisanal slow-dried salamis in both pre-sliced and mini chubs formats. In addition to being certified organic and Non-GMO, Reunion salamis are made from pork that is certified by theRead More →

OverviewBE Protein Smoothies is a Singapore-based High Pressure Processing (HPP) beverage company that uses organic protein from lean chicken breast and other natural ingredients to provide healthy, fresh-tasting, protein-based smoothies for health-conscious consumers. Brian Chia, owner and fitness enthusiast, said he always wanted to start a business in the fitnessRead More →

In the last six years, the total poultry production volume on a carcass weight basis in the Russian Federation grew by 31.5%: from 3.84 mln t in 2013 to 5.05 mln t in 2019. By 2018, the poultry production met the country’s domestic needs and began a gradual entry intoRead More →

Fish is a perishable product which should be consumed after a serious heat treatment, corning, smoking and conservation. The latter is the only way of a long-term preservation of fish products in a consumable state. The canned fish production process is very similar to the step-by-step meat canning technology, however,Read More →

The breakthrough made by Russian meat industry during the last years allowed the country not only to switch from import dependency to intensive development in providing domestic meat, but also to launch product export. The National Meat Association (NMA) forecasts that the progress will continue and the meat production growthRead More →

Russia is plagued by sausage problems again. The messages that the prices of this product could skyrocket triggered an enormous controversy, almost like in the USSR. Sausages are almost sacred for each Russian. There are many myths and concerns about them which only intensified in the recessionary market conditions. TheRead More →