Getting the highest overall effectiveness out of a processing plant is no longer achievable without solid software control. That’s exactly where IMPAQT (Intelligent Monitoring of Performance, Availability and Quality Trends), Innova’s overall equipment effectiveness module, comes in. The overall equipment effectiveness module can pinpoint the smallest undesirable production losses. EvenRead More →

IFA version 6: What’s it all about?Over the last two years, GLOBALG.A.P. has been coordinating the revision of its flagship Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard. At the beginning of the process, GLOBALG.A.P. outlined three key aims for the new IFA version 6 standard: simplification, a risk-based approach, and customized checklists.Read More →

Saving time and increasing yield in the poultry filleting lines is possible with the EBAKI horizontal slicers. Manufactured in Spain, by the company DIMAQ, EBAKI has been distributed around the world for the past 10 years with a proven track record in the poultry industry. EBAKI provides a range ofRead More →

With “Hygienic Secure”, the mechanical engineering specialists at K+G Wetter have also completely redeveloped the industrial models VCM 200 L, VCM 360 L and VCM 550 L from the proven vacuum bowl cutter series. The industrial bowl cutter series was awarded the silver International FoodTech Award 2021 at the beginningRead More →

The annual Agroprodmash international exhibition for equipment, technologies, raw materials and ingredients for the food processing industry didn’t stop during the pandemic. It appears to be not only a unique case in the exhibition industry but also a barometer to assess the situation in the food industry. Judge for yourself,Read More →

After finalizing a successful project across European borders, Swiss meat manufacturer Bigler ( now relies on the brand-new, paper-based FlatMap® solution for its sliced meat. Packaging equipment manufacturer SEALPAC, together with packaging materials suppliers Buergofol and Van Genechten Packaging, found the right partner in Bigler to develop this new packagingRead More →

“Damate”, the largest turkey meat producer in Russia, will invest an additional amount of 12.6 bln roubles into the expansion of the turkey meat production project and will also expand its production capacity from 155 to 207 ths t on a carcass weight basis per year. The total investments intoRead More →