Agroprodmash is one of Russia’s leading trade shows which brings together Russian and foreign market players in the food and food processing industry. It is held in close cooperation with Russian federal authorities, business support organisations, research institutes, industry unions and associations. Agroprodmash 2021 was held at a high level,Read More →

Polish company Starmeat invests in leading-edge meat separation systems AM2C Beluga and Barracuda from Provisur Technologies Starmeat, headquartered in Koluszki, Poland, is one of the most modern poultry processing plants in the world. Thanks to the use of sophisticated production equipment and rigorous quality control, the company serves a globalRead More →

Combining an eye-catching presentation with less use of plastics: FlatMap®, the latest packaging solution for sliced products, has recently won the prestigious Swiss Packaging Award 2021 within the category “Convenience”. In terms of quality and innovation, the Swiss food industry is one of the world’s most demanding markets, making thisRead More →

With a just celebrated jubilee, online auction company Industrial Auctions has already made significant progress in its 10 years of existence. Focusing on the food and beverage industry, the company organizes auctions throughout Europe and sells its range worldwide. While the auctions take place one after another and with aRead More →

The challenges of injection (process) The precision of the injection and along with it the quality of the product mainly depend on the following factors: the brine composition and conveyance process and the composition of the piece of meat/fish. This problem is a challenging task for the manufacturers of injectors.Read More →

Krehalon is gaining recognition in Russia for its automated packaging solutions, high abuse shrink bags and Secondary Seal (SSL™) options. As the meat industry is constantly challenged to reduce costs and squeeze profitability, it is the ideal time to explore the benefits of automated packing systems and understand how readilyRead More →