In 2018, a fish processor needed machinery to produce and store flake ice for cold fish shipping for a new factory on Denmark’s North Sea coast. Given the planned size of the 90-tonne ice storage at 15 m long, 4 m high and 4.5 m wide, a solution was requiredRead More →

GPS Reisacher, a medium-sized company, is known way beyond the borders of Germany. Be it in the frosty vast plains of Siberia, be it in the sultry heat of the Chaco in Paraguay, everywhere users are working with the new or second-hand machinery from south Germany for cutting, slicing, stackingRead More →

In this interview, Günter Breitbach, Sales representative and meat technologist at JBT Schröder, describes the advantages of the new IMAX420 ECO line injector and gives tips for cooked cured products. What should butchers pay particular attention to in terms of production technology when making cooked cured products in general? PreciseRead More →

Ready-to-eat meats are now available as fresh, frozen, par or fully cooked, slow cooked, pre-marinated, boneless, bone-in, formed or natural products. The popularity of these products has grown significantly in the last decade and is fuelled by consumers demanding convenience and retail and food outlets ready to provide it. TheseRead More →

Consumer demand for convenience food products continues to rise. At the same time, quality and cost remain key considerations. Marel’s new RevoPortioner 1000 uses innovative low-pressure forming technology and an enhanced 1000 mm processing width to help meet these challenges head on. Continuously forming – continuously performingThe RevoPortioner 1000 isRead More →

MARELEC Food Technologies, a world-leading producer of intelligent portion cutters and customized weighing and grading solutions, officially opened the doors of its new sales office in Moscow, Russia on March 24, 2021. Having had a foothold in the Russian market with various distributors since 2010, the company recently decided thatRead More →

The LIMA Company which means ‘Les Innovations Mécaniques Alimentaires” (the mechanical innovations of the meat industry) was incorporated in 1981. Since that time, LIMA is specialist in the design, manufacturing and sale of meat bones separators, deboners and grinders-desinewers corresponding to the highest EU-USA quality standards. Thanks to dynamism inRead More →

With its smart machines, innovation leader K+G Wetter ensures reliable safety and hygiene in production – together with products of first-class quality. The traditional company combines proven quality and modern food processing requirements with its intelligent solutions. “Our claim is to continuously develop our designs and deliver solutions that areRead More →

You cannot avoid the subject these days, covid is amongst us for quite some time now and it is uncertain when the pandemic will come to its end. The ongoing situation has created many unfortunate situations for a lot of people. But what exactly is the impact of Covid onRead More →

ILPRA, is an Italian leading company in food packaging sector. Despite the actual global pandemic, ILPRA’s values and constant commitment have allowed the company not to forget its mission in providing quality packaging solutions throughout the global market. Thanks to the constant dialogue with their customers, they are able toRead More →