The new range of LIMA desinewers and deboners ensures to get very high QUALITY meat on raw products like poultry, pork and beef. Those good performances are the results of constant developments on desinewers and deboners tools that submit raw products to the lowest pressure in order to preserve theRead More →

Since the time of its incorporation in 1981, LIMA is a company which has specialized itself in the design, manufacturing and sales of meat-bone separators, deboning and desinewing machines for the poultry, pork, lamb, beef and fish industries. The company is located in the town of Quimper in Brittany region,Read More →

The latest IFFA show which was held in Frankfurt from May 4th to 9th, 2019 was outstanding for LIMA, in terms of visitors and results, with record numbers and high-quality contacts. Distributors from all continents brought to their stand many interested meat processors from the pork, beef, lamb and poultryRead More →

LIMA are specialists in the manufacturing of meat-bone separators, deboners and desinewers with a world presence through a network of more than 70 distributors. At IFFA 2019 show, LIMA will exhibit the following equipment: meat-bone separators for poultry for the highest quality of mechanically separated meat at high yields withRead More →

LIMA will exhibit at AGROPRODMASH in Moscow, one of their bestselling “LIMA quality meat”, meat-bone separators in Russia for years, the now traditional LIMA RM 600 S. This model of LIMA machine is used satisfactorily and acclaimed around the globe by customers producing the highest quality of MSM (Mechanically SeparatedRead More →

LIMA will exhibit at AGROPRODMASH in Moscow, NEW high value for money models of “LIMA quality meat”, meat-bone separators. Among the recently developed models, the NEW LIMA RM 30 S is the smallest meat-bone separator, specifically designed for customers willing to start on a small scale producing high quality LIMARead More →

On the occasion of this IFFA 2016, LIMA would like to take this opportunity to announce the extension of its range of models. LIMA now propose two additional sizes of machines for its meat-bone separators, deboners and desinewers. Among the recently developed models, the NEW LIMA RM 20 DD /Read More →

LIMA has developed several models and among them new RM 900 DSP deboner allowing very important reduction of the calcium level in the separated PORK meat while keeping an optimum yield. The result is a well-structured recovered meat with technological performances similar to minced meat. This model can process upRead More →