GPS Reisacher, a medium-sized company, is known way beyond the borders of Germany. Be it in the frosty vast plains of Siberia, be it in the sultry heat of the Chaco in Paraguay, everywhere users are working with the new or second-hand machinery from south Germany for cutting, slicing, stackingRead More →

As an expert in automated machines for weighing and labelling of packaged foods, ESPERA has been known for 95 years for what is important in daily operations of meat plants and is working intensively on the development of digital functions that simplify the handling of industrial labelling systems. ESPERA setsRead More →

Sausages, Bockwurst sausages, Vienna sausages, deli meat, convenience meat products, dumplings and pancakes – a total of more than 140 items under the “OKRAINA” brand are well known in the Northwestern region and far outside it. Over the 18 years of its existence, this small meat processing plant became oneRead More →