Meeting Consumer Demand for High Quality, Clean Ingredient, Humanely-Raised, Organic Charcuterie Reunion Foods announces the launch of its organic Charcuterie lines; artisanal slow-dried salamis in both pre-sliced and mini chubs formats. In addition to being certified organic and Non-GMO, Reunion salamis are made from pork that is certified by theRead More →

Heat and Control®, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and food processing industry supplier, marks two major milestones in 2020—the 70th anniversary of the company and the 25th anniversary of FastBack®, the industry pioneer and leading horizontal motion conveyor. Heat and Control – 70 years of innovationHeat and Control has been modernisingRead More →

According to “Ahal durmuşy” newspaper, a brand new state-of-the-art poultry production plant was launched in Gökdepe District of the Ahal Region. The construction of the plant that belongs to the entrepreneur Topar Ataev has been executed by the sole proprietorship “Emir ogly”. The poultry plant with the production space ofRead More →

According to Rosstat, in January-October, 2020, the volume of production of fresh or chilled cattle meat, pork, lamb, goat meat, horsemeat and venison in Russia increased by 11.4% to 2.5 mln t, versus the same period of the last year. The statistics show that the production volume of poultry duringRead More →

Machine Builder SMO Introduces Brand-New Innovative PINTRO Pick & Skewer Belgian machine builder SMO is currently putting the finishing touches to the world’s very first fully automatic skewering machine. The machine will be launched under the established PINTRO brand name and will be named Pick & Skewer. This machine willRead More →

As Executive Vice President for Manufacturing, Dr Christian Lau becomes responsible with immediate effect for manufacturing within the MULTIVAC Group. As part of this function, he also becomes Managing Director of the two subsidiaries, MULTIVAC Lechaschau and MULTIVAC Bulgaria Production, as well as Chairman of the Board of MULTIVAC TaicangRead More →

After months of hard work, the Food Processing &Slaughterhouse Equipment Manufacturing Industry Research Report is finally available to equipment manufacturers, suppliers to the industry, investors and analysts. We interviewed Mr. Aart Schalk, senior consultant at Linde Consult and expert in the Food Processing Industry, who led the research project. WhyRead More →

During these difficult times, ILPRA has been proactive in researching new technology to share in the marketplace. Despite the actual global pandemic, ILPRA’s values and constant commitment have allowed them not to forget their mission in providing quality packaging solutions throughout the global market. That being said, during these uncertainRead More →

Fabbri Group’s strategy, based on offering complete and effective packaging systems thanks to the most complete synergy of machines and films specific for different applications, is once again a winner. Today it is the “Nature Fresh” project that stands out, receiving the historic Italian Award “Packaging Oscar” for the “Technology”Read More →