The huge volumes of chicken fillet needed to satisfy global demand go way beyond doing the job at home by hand. In high volume processing plants, intelligence has now become a truly indispensible aid in the automatic production of breast fillet. Factories need solutions, which, combining hardware and software inRead More →

From January 1st to December 26th, 2021 (January-October EAEU data), Russia exported sausages at the amount of 109 mln US dollars, which is by 36% higher than in the same period of 2020. The shipments measured by volume increased by 27% to 48 ths tonnes. The number of the countriesRead More →

After finalizing a successful project across European borders, Swiss meat manufacturer Bigler ( now relies on the brand-new, paper-based FlatMap® solution for its sliced meat. Packaging equipment manufacturer SEALPAC, together with packaging materials suppliers Buergofol and Van Genechten Packaging, found the right partner in Bigler to develop this new packagingRead More →

Increased consumption of vegan and vegetarian foods has become a major trend. In Germany alone, next to seven million vegetarians and one million vegans, there are approximately 17 million flexitarians that like to consume plant-based meat alternatives occasionally. This motivates even the most renowned meat producers, such as Ponnath GmbHRead More →

How can meat products be packaged in a resource-saving way, without having to compromise on product protection, hygiene and convenience? This is where the packaging industry, food manufacturers and retailers are searching for new solutions, for example for self-service meat products. Until today, it is impossible to do without plastic,Read More →