Supermarkets and QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) are asking poultry processors for high volumes of typical portioned products such as crispy tenders, medallions, burgers, uniform fillets, strips, nuggets, cubes and more. The production of these portions needs to be automated to handle the demand. Marel offers a big help in respondingRead More →

Welcome to the future. At KARL SCHNELL, we mobilize our energies to enable our customers and interested parties to have the most extensive and user-friendly visiting experience possible. This approach and the current major global challenges are the reason for us to completely rethink our digital presence. We present ourRead More →

Since Industrial Auctions has passed its 10 years of existence, things have changed all around! Where they began with only a total of three employees, they have now grown up to a staff crew of 25. This did cause certain changes, both internally and externally. However, Industrial Auctions’ main priorityRead More →

For almost 30 years, Hydrosol has been one of the leading international suppliers of specialty food ingredients system solutions. As it expands its long-term market position in this rapidly growing category, the company builds on its comprehensive knowledge of functional ingredients, industrial production processes, and the challenges of food shelfRead More →

World Food Safety Day 2021Each year on 7 June, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) celebrate World Food Safety Day. Established in 1979, World Food Safety Day aims to highlight the topics of foodborne risks, food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture,Read More →

In this interview, Günter Breitbach, Sales representative and meat technologist at JBT Schröder, describes the advantages of the new IMAX420 ECO line injector and gives tips for cooked cured products. What should butchers pay particular attention to in terms of production technology when making cooked cured products in general? PreciseRead More →

Ready-to-eat meats are now available as fresh, frozen, par or fully cooked, slow cooked, pre-marinated, boneless, bone-in, formed or natural products. The popularity of these products has grown significantly in the last decade and is fuelled by consumers demanding convenience and retail and food outlets ready to provide it. TheseRead More →

Consumer demand for convenience food products continues to rise. At the same time, quality and cost remain key considerations. Marel’s new RevoPortioner 1000 uses innovative low-pressure forming technology and an enhanced 1000 mm processing width to help meet these challenges head on. Continuously forming – continuously performingThe RevoPortioner 1000 isRead More →