Shredded meats, sometimes referred to as ‘pulled’ pork, beef, chicken and  many other  proteins, have become increasing popular all over the world. Having to shred/ pull proteins manually is a very laborious process, taking hours for less than 100kg of product. The SH-1 Shredder was designed to create shredded/pulled productRead More →

  Cabinplant launches a new multi batcher that reduces the give-away by four times compared to any other machine on the market. An accurate weighing technology ensures that the portions are packed in an optimal combination, thus enabling fish manufacturers to deliver portions that meet legal requirements and reduces theRead More →

Even though we see an increasing competition from the Far East and other areas around the world, we still see a growing demand for high quality product with a user friendly design and a strong focus on a reliable product with low maintenance cost says Sales Director Peter N ChristensenRead More →