Shredded meats, sometimes referred to as ‘pulled’ pork, beef, chicken and  many other  proteins, have become increasing popular all over the world. Having to shred/ pull proteins manually is a very laborious process, taking hours for less than 100kg of product.

The SH-1 Shredder was designed to create shredded/pulled product ‘almost instantly’ for large restaurants, small to medium sized meat processors, and food caterers.

The SH-1 was designed in the USA for the BBQ market, the Mexican shredded products, as well as new RTE products. Due to the success of the larger SH-5 & SH-50 Shredders in the States, the demand grew to create a smaller, more economical machine.

The capacity of the SH-1 machine is over 250kg per hour, but some users do not need that type of capacity throughout the entire day. 

Many users like the capacity of the machine to handle all the meat shredding at a given time, such as a caterer who is preparing  meals for 300 people and  wants to maintain a high quality product in that instant, instead of a ‘pre-processed’ product. Several small meat plant customers do not use the SH-1 all day long; rather they use it to process large volumes of meat out of the smokehouse oven quickly.

The SH-1 Shredder ‘pulls’ the meat apart, rather than cuts or grinds the product, so the product maintains all of the moisture. Due to the separation of  the muscle fibres, there is 20 times more surface area, so the product is able to cool down faster and well under chilling regulations for meat plants.

The SH-1 Shredder is available to customers in the UK, USA and Canada from Cove Equipment LLC and to other countries from Koneteollisuus Oy in Finland.