At the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt, the German-based company KARL SCHNELL was present with a wide portfolio of products, that covers the whole range of the food industry. Experience from over 65 years guarantees highest quality standards. Numerous technical innovations have been shown at the exhibition. One highlight was theRead More →

Progressive meat processing machines require control units which make the operation as simple and intuitive as possible. Touch panels are especially suitable for this purpose. They entail many advantages for the user. With the introduction of its new panel generation, K+G Wetter satisfies the growing demand for self-explanatory control unitsRead More →

Jarvis Products Corporation is introducing the Model AST 106 PAS Stunner Tester as a fast, accurate device for measuring bolt speeds on Jarvis’ Type C and Type P PAS (Power Actuated Stunner) Stunners. For operators, the AST 106 is an easy to use procedure for obtaining data log test audits.Read More →

Research and development have always played a particularly important role at Walsroder. The newly developed Walsroder functional casings don’t just bring the sausage into shape – they also transfer colour, smoke aroma, flavour and scent. Time-consuming and expensive production steps associated with smoking, coating and mould-avoidance can be discarded. EnvironmentalRead More →

IFFA 2016 – More than 50 machines on display: Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG presented various automation solutions and almost its entire machinery program. For over 170 years, customer proximity, product quality, innovation and service have been the characteristic features of the traditional company Seydelmann. When planning, constructing and building Seydelmann machinesRead More →

Машиностроительный завод SeydelmannKG представил самые новейшие решения автоматизации и почти всю свою производственую программу оборудования. Близость к клиентам, качество, инновация и надежный сервис отличают традиционное предприятие Seydelmann уже на протяжении 170 лет. При изготовлении своих машин и производственных линий завод Seydelmann предъявляет бескомпромиссно высокие требования к материалу и технологии. КакRead More →