Kalaneuvos processes roughly 14 million kilograms of fish annually. Approximately three million kilos of this fish is Finnish rainbow trout and nearly four million kilos is Baltic herring and other wild fish. The rest are supplied by responsibly selected foreign partners and our own fish farms in Sweden. “Farming fishRead More →

The 28-million-euro investment by Kalaneuvos more than doubles the production capacity of the company founded in 1975 and makes it the largest smoked fish producer in the Nordic countries. Kalaneuvos aims at securing the supply of Finnish fish and increasing eco-friendly food production in Finland. The 28-million-euro factory expansion byRead More →

Friedr. Dick has created an impressive chef’s knife with the AJAX chef’s knife from the forged 1905 design series that not only makes men’s hearts beat faster. The AJAX chef’s knife was able to inspire both the panel of experts and the consumers with an above-average overall performance in theRead More →

Our company has over 44 years experience in the supply and maintenance of professional kitchen, butchery and bakery appliances. Maxima products are being exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Some of our most popular products are: ARE YOU ALREADY FAMILIAR WITH OUR WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS? Why do youRead More →

The increasing consumers’ demand on sustainable, safer and healthier products has compelled food industry to look for natural, environmentally friendly processes that help to keep fresh food characteristics such as flavour and nutrients while providing food safety and extending shelf life. However, meat, seafood and poultry industries are also lookingRead More →

“Miratorg” launched a sheep breeding complex in Tula region. The company is finishing the construction of production facilities and starts populating the farm with animals. In 2018, in Fatezhsky district of Kursk region, a pilot project for lamb production was launched which includes creation and development of a nuclear stockRead More →

From January to November, 2019, 77.4 ths t of live weight cattle and poultry for slaughter were produced in Ryazan region. This is by 13% more than in the same period of 2018. By December 1st, 2019, the agricultural companies of the region produced 65.2 ths t of meat ofRead More →

The cattle head count and meat production in Almaty region rose by an average of 4.5% compared to the previous year. 102 feeding facilities with breeding stock were built, and almost 10,000 head of livestock were imported from abroad this year. This was reported today during the briefing of theRead More →