Innovation, together with customer service, are two of STEEN’s most important core values. In the recent years, the ST700 automatic skinning machine went through some mayor upgrades. Now, it’s target market is expanded and it is able to skin chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant or fish. What is more, more partsRead More →

Due to the needs of several customers, the ST850 was adjusted to give more flexibility to the product. This de-boning machine for anatomical cut thighs, drums and prime wings from male or female birds (left or right side), is able to de-bone all the above named parts with a minimumRead More →

The ST820 will process prime wings, midwings and small size drums. This machine needs to cut through the bone/knuckle in order to get a good quality end product. Machine speed is 52 pcs/minute, it takes some training to get close to full capacity. If they can load 50 pcs/minute theyRead More →