In meat processing, machines are required that can withstand even high demands and produce the best results. As a specialist in high-quality machine solutions, deeply rooted in the industry, K+G Wetter has developed an industrial grinder, which perfects the processing of fresh meat and, in addition, easily grinds frozen blocks of meat: the AW K 280 industrial grinder. Like all other K+G machines, the high-performance grinder delivers the typical properties that are tailored to the specific requirements of industrial plants. Even in continuous operation, the modern machine convinces with a reliable high performance.

The massive industrial grinder operates on the proven 2—worm principle of K+G Wetter. Due to its unrivalled strength and a feeder worm of special cast iron with peeling edge, the high performance grinder can cut frozen blocks instead of breaking them. The result is a clean, clear cut. In addition, the AW K 280 has a particularly high performance. It can easily process up to 22 t of fresh meat per hour. For standard blocks (60 x 40 x 25 cm), the capacity is 4 to 8 t / h depending on the final perforated disc size, and even 16 t / h for pre-chopped frozen meat.

Thorough cleaning in no-timeA special highlight is the new cleaning device, in which the feeder worm is not removed for cleaning but only “pulled forward”. A built-in cleaning tip automatically ensures the necessary cleaning. Only a few movements are required when the meat worm is removed for cleaning. The electrically secured outlet protection for the worm housing can be tilted laterally. Another advantage in terms of hygiene is that the machine housing, as is the case with all K+G Wetter machines, is closed all round, so that no spray water can permeate. A rinsing connection allows cleaning of the rinsing chambers. These are installed behind the receivers for the worm drives in the body of the machine. If a thin fluid product is pressed into the machine body, it is picked up there and discharged through the flush.

Modern sorting system makes it easier
The pneumatic sorting device is available as an option for the high-performance industrial grinder. The special feature of the K+G solution: during grinding the hard parts are removed laterally, as a result of which the separated material can be checked much more easily and quickly. In addition, the pneumatic device can be installed or removed completely in just a few seconds without the need for tools. This allows the user to clean the individual components particularly easily and thoroughly.

Another trade fair highlight: vacuum bowl cutter with clever lid solution
In addition, K+G Wetter has included its new 120-litre vacuum bowl cutter at this year’s Agroprodmash trade fair. The progress of this machine is in detail – and in the lid. This means that it is no longer necessary to lift the entire cover but only the front area. Users now have more convenient access to the cutter bowl and can load and unload the machine much more quickly.

Further information about the machines and all innovations from K+G Wetter can be found at the Agroprodmash, Forum, Booth FC100 or at www.kgwetter.de.