The company EICKER – MESSER Solingen was founded in 1928 and developed in recent years and to one of the leading manufacturers of Butcher Knives. Well-known Meat factories and Service Providers belong to the ever-growing customer base. The products are exported to over 30 countries.

New to the range is the Butcher-Knife-Series E-10
These are Boning and Cutting Knives made of Moybdenum Steel, which have achieved a higher edge retention and longer life of the blades due to a special hardening process. The blade polish offers optimal protection against corrosion. The CNC-controlled trigger guarantees optimum sharpness so that the knife can be used immediately.

The suitable handle shape ensures safety, prevents injuries and allows tireless working, precise incision which contributes to greater efficiency. The base color of the knife is blue, however, all colors variants are possible.

In case of interest please contact the manufacturer, which can be reached as follows:
Wilh. Eicker e.K., D-42653 Solingen – Tersteegen str. 25
Tel.: + 49-212-38284-0
Fax: + 49-212-3828444