A Glance into the Innovative Cooperation within Industrial Auctions

Since Industrial Auctions has passed its 10 years of existence, things have changed all around! Where they began with only a total of three employees, they have now grown up to a staff crew of 25. This did cause certain changes, both internally and externally. However, Industrial Auctions’ main priority is ensuring their core values; transparency, a personal approach, and optimal service. Within this article, an insight will be given into what remained the same and what has changed tremendously.

“When a company wants to grow, it is well-known that it’s prior to adjusting certain topics to the industry and market they operate in. Namely, the dynamic of an industry or market forms the construction of which services are desired by your target group! In order to fulfil these wishes and thereby satisfy your target group, it is key to match your services as good as possible. In its ten years of existence, Industrial Auctions is always working on helping its clients as good as possible.” – CEO Ad van Kollenburg

Flat organisation structure

When facing sever growth, it is assumable that this comes in line with some formalities. However, the team of Industrial Auctions have always prioritized the short communication lines and informality among the staff and towards its relations. The young team works closely together and their communication forms a clear and efficient basis. Despite the growth the company faces, this communication remained as good as unchanged.

With the numerous relationships Industrial Auctions has maintained over time, many clients would address this approach as pleasant and efficient. Ever since the company has started, the globalization has obviously contributed to an efficient way of communication as well.

Extended customer base

Talking about these clients, a whole new customer base has joined the online platform since its existence. Every day, new clients create an account at the website. These new members are highly appreciated and supported where possible by the staff of Industrial Auctions. Some relations with clients are closer than others. This is mostly depending on the frequency of their purchases and thereby moments of contact. However, the staff members try their best to realize close contact and help all clients where needed in the same manor.

Internal improvements

Obviously, a company cannot grow without internal adjustments. Therefore, specific internal improvements took place in order to meet up with the company’s great growth. After a couple years the company was raised, Industrial Auctions moved to a new office. This office is located at a very efficient location near to the highway and airport. Recently, a new logistic hall is added to this location as well. Because of this combination, the business activities can be fulfilled perfectly. As mentioned earlier, this new office definitely came in line with the arrival of new employees.

Besides a new headquarter and new colleagues, the expressions of Industrial Auctions changed as well. The website of Industrial Auctions is obviously the biggest trademark of the company and continuously asks for updates! The layout has remained clear and efficient – which stands in line with the company’s mentality – but did face continuous renewing including new features. The marketing team likes to think ahead and continuously works at innovative ideas. Some examples of other internal improvements are: a new layout of the brochure, an upcoming personal work space once logged into the website, more company cars, a new design at the truck tarp, and more options to sell your machinery at one of the companies auctions.

Business operations

These tangible improvements are surely being supported by operational activities. Because of digitalization and globalization, contact with media partners became more accessible. This way, Industrial Auctions is advertising with many more media partners and thereby through more marketing channels. The online marketing has increased a lot as well and this created new opportunities.

The employees of Industrial Auctions became more skilled than in the beginning as well. This is mainly due to the increase in experience and knowledge about the food and beverage industry, and improvement in speaking foreign languages.

This article has mentioned the most important topics in which Industrial Auctions remained the same and what changed enormously. When thinking this means settlement for now, think again! The staff is continuously occupied with growing as a whole and individually. The future looks bright for Industrial Auctions and many good things are yet to come. 