«Agrocomplex» Rennovates Medvedovsky Meat Processing Plant

“Agrocomplex N. Tkachev” started an investment project on the renovation of the former Medvedovsky Meat Processing Plant at the total amount of 700 mln roubles. The funds will be used for the restoration of the infrastructure and repair of the plant’s facilities. After the launch of production, the renovated Agroholding plans to produce 3 tonnes of dry и 30 tonnes of cooked and smoked sausages and delicacies a day, providing about a hundred new jobs.

“We intend to continue the history of this renowned meat processing plant in its best traditions. We plan to revive the team-spirited workforce, improve the quality of life of the local population and gain public recognition again by producing high quality recognizable products,” Victoria Serbat, CEO of ООО “ММК” said. “When the plant starts working at its full capacity, we will be able to produce up to 15 tonnes of dry sausages and 50 tonnes of cooked and smoked sausages a day. Moreover, the number of the personnel will be increased to 400 employees.”
Currently, the company is installing a brand new block-modular boiler house which will cost-effectively support the year-round needs of the meat processing plant in heat and hot water. Not only that, but the new facility will also support the needs of 19 apartment buildings and the kindergarten No. 21. The finishing works of the facilities are currently under way, as well as the installation of technological equipment for sausage production in the plant’s renovated main three-storey building.

The modernized plant will be equipped with the unique for “Agrocoplex” climate chambers for fermentation and drying which has never been used before due to the limited volumes of the traditional production of dry sausages. The renovated plant will also be equipped with the solutions for slicing and portion cutting, as well as for the production of whole muscle delicacies with a uniform shape and fixed weight. The new output of dry, cooked and smoked sausages and delicacies is expected to be available by May 2022.
“The buyers still remember “Armenian”, “Braunshweig” and the sudjuk sausages produced by the Medvedovsky Meat Processing Plant as the most delicious sausages in the Kuban region. We intend to keep this part of the product range and to add new recipes. We also plan to sell all those products in the medium-price segment and higher under the new brand. We wish those premium products to be our trademark,” also said Victoria Serbat.

The building of the human resource base of ООО “ММК” in Medvedovskaya village is already under way. The engineers and technicians from the local population and the neighbouring areas are encouraged to contribute to this work. Currently, the company seeks for specialists with the following vocational qualifications: metal workers, electricians, welders, engineers and technologists. 

Source: www.meatinfo.ru