AQUACULTURE WITH GGN. GLOBALG.A.P. Introduced the Consumer Label “GGN” for Fish and Seafood from Certified Aquaculture

In the context of a press conference at the Seafood Expo Global 2016, GLOBALG.A.P. introduced a consumer label for fish and seafood from certified aquaculture.

The aim is to actively support customers from trade, industry and aquaculture with a clearly recognizable consumer label and a new online service.

The sign “GGN” will in future stand for certified products from Good Aquaculture Practice. At the same time, the name refers to the origin of the label: the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard.

GGN is the common short form for the “GLOBALG.A.P. Number”. It identifies all farms participating in the certification scheme by GLOBALG.A.P. Trade and industry today already check the successful certification of agricultural operations online using the GGN.

Together with the GGN label, GLOBALG.A.P. is presenting a new online platform on which consumers can also obtain specific information on individual farms and products using the GGN from May 2016 onwards.

With the farm search based on the GLOBALG.A.P. Number printed on the consumer product, the GGN will become the key for transparent communication from consumers to farms.

In cooperation, the online portal with the GGN farm search will also be made available to other standards. One such cooperation was already agreed before the official launch with the standard “Friend of the Sea”.

The GGN consumer label is based on the current GLOBALG.A.P. Standard Version 5, which includes a much wider range of species than most comparable standards. The standard covers extensive requirements for food safety, animal welfare, occupational safety and environmental protection. 30 different species of fish and seafood from aquaculture in 28 countries (as of 31 March 2016) are currently certified.