“Atyashevskiy” Meat Processing Plant Launched the Production of Delicacies and Snacks in Ruzaevka

According to the press service of “Atyashevskiy” meat processing plant, in late October, “Talin” Group launched a manufacturing facility in Ruzaevka in test mode. The first products produced by the new facility were smoked sausages which were very popular among the consumers.

The plant confirmed its readiness to use the facilities for the manufacture of minced meat, molding, heat treatment and packaging. The staff of the new facility consists of 130 workers trained at the Atyashevskaya, Torbeevskaya and Saranskaya facilities of “Atyashevskiy” meat processing plant. In the nearest future, the plant will produce 600 tonnes of products per month. The number of jobs is expected to increase to 450 by the end of the year.

The plant in Ruzaevka will produce the popular among the consumers in Mordovia sausages, meat chips and new snacks: jerky, raw smoked and dry-cured mini sausages. The major part of the raw meat comes from the “Talin” Group own farms. After reaching the projected capacity of 1,800 tonnes per month, the staff number will exceed 1000 employees.
Source: meatinfo.ru