“Efko” Invests 4 Billion Roubles in Vegan Meat Production

“Efko” launches a plant-based meat production project: the company will invest about 4 bln roubles in this project,” said Sergey Ivanov, CEO of the Group in an interview to “Vedomosti”.

According to him, at the first stage, the company plans to produce burgers, followed by minced meat, nuggets, schnitzels and other convenience foods. The production plant will be located in Belgorod region, where “Efko” already produces butter, margarine, mayonnaise and other products. The first stage capacity will be 8000 t per year. It will be commissioned in December, 2020. A year later, the company will launch the second stage which will increase the production to 20,000 t. “Efko” plans to achieve 40,000 t by the end of 2022. The vegan meat will be based on soy protein. “Efko” currently purchases raw materials from abroad, but in future the company intends to switch to its own production. “Efko” also plans to use sunflower seed protein in its production. In August 2020, “Efko” invested 100 mln roubles in plant-based burgers production. The company said that the burgers would be available in the market in September.
Source /Источник: sfera.fm