Europe’s Largest Turkey Processing Plant Shows a Fivefold Increase of its Output in 2022

“Damate” company reported that they increased their production volume in one of their processing plants. Europe’s largest turkey processing plant is located in Penza region.

The turkey deep processing plant from Penza region showed a fivefold increase of its output in 2022, “Damate” reported. Most of the products are cooked and Vienna sausages, as well as ham and other products.

The company explained that the production volume increase was due to the growth in demand. In order to maintain and increase the demand, the company regularly worked with the buyers. They organized presentations and tastings of company products, expanded their sales geography and concluded long-term cooperation agreements. “Damate” also worked with the plant itself. They optimized the production processes, worked with the staff, carefully chose the suppliers of raw materials.

The company noted that most of the processed products are cooked and Vienna sausages made of turkey meat. They represent 68% of all products, i.e. more than two thirds of the entire production volume. Consumers value this product due to its balance of nutrients: it has a lot of protein and less fat compared to the similar foods from other meat, that’s why this type of ham is considered to be more dietary and healthy.

The plant also produces ham from turkey meat muscle. “Damate” reported that this plant is equipped with automated slicing lines. In addition to cooked sausages, ham and Vienna sausages, the plant also produces dry-cured sausages, sous vide poultry (cooked in vacuum) and ready-to-eat poultry products. All products comply with the Halal standards.