Extend Shelf Life of Meat and Poultry Naturally with Oxikan

The meat industry consists of various types of products such as raw and processed meats. Slaughterhouses and butcheries form an important link in the red meat value chain, and raw meat cuts are one of the major products produced. Raw meat cuts are vulnerable to surface oxidation that makes it unappetising and unpalatable to the buyers.

The surface oxidation can only be controlled by applying an antioxidant to the meat, in this case, topically. In the case of highly effective natural antioxidant solutions like rosemary extracts, this poses a major challenge, as even refined rosemary extracts generally have a higher colour impact when applied topically to a red meat, giving it a clear yellow tone which is visually undesirable in a raw cut. Fresh raw meat is preferred to retain a bright red colour, and any yellow colouration will make it visually less appealing.

Commercially available decolourised rosemary extracts usually contain high percentage of undesired lipid soluble polar compounds such as Carotenoids and Xanthophylls. Generally, while decolourising the rosemary extracts only the chlorophyll homologues are removed, while other hidden colour pigments like Carotenoids and Xanthophylls are left intact in high concentrations in the extract. When this extract is applied to a high fat, high protein meat, these colour compounds immediately integrate with the fats tinting it yellow. These colour compounds are also highly polar in nature which contributes to its capability to bond with the proteins in the meat changing its colour to brownish in nature. This yellow and brown tone in meat misleads consumers into thinking it is oxidised or stale, when in reality the meat is still fresh and palatable, though visually less appealing.

Kancor with its proprietary technology has developed a range of unique highly refined natural rosemary based antioxidant solutions with a low content of undesired colour components for topical application in meat. OxiKan is Kancor’s range of natural anti-oxidant solutions derived from the finest rosemary. Under this range, Kancor has introduced two products suitable for topical application in meat.

OxiKan R is a highly refined enriched extract of selective anti-oxidant molecules from rosemary with a superior antioxidant efficacy. It has excellent oil solubility, and has very low colour and odour impact on the meat application. OxiKan WD, is a highly refined extract of rosemary in water dispersible format. Being dispersible in water, it can be easily applied to any type of meat, while the fat soluble active ingredient in the extract ensures that the meat is protected from oxidation.

Colour Impact Study on Topical Application of Rosemary Antioxidant in Meat

Objective: To compare the colour impact of OxiKan with other commercially available rosemary extracts upon topical application in large cut meats.
Method: 3 gm oil-soluble rosemary extract is dissolved in 15 gm sunflower oil and applied to pure beef fat, the colour is observed for the solution and the impact on the meat fat.
3 gm water-dispersible rosemary extract is dissolved in 15 gm water and applied to pure beef fat, the colour impact is observed for the solution and the impact on the meat fat.
Results: Comparison of Colour impact from OxiKan R and Commercial Rosemary Extract upon topical application in beef fat.
Comparison of Colour impact from OxiKan WD and Commercial Rosemary Extract upon topical application in beef fat.
Inference: From the study it is evident that OxiKan R and OxiKan WD, Kancor’s enriched extracts of selective antioxidant molecules of rosemary, is a more suitable natural rosemary extract for topical application in meat. Being a highly refined enriched extract, OxiKan, unlike other commercially available rosemary extracts, is effective in prolonging the shelf-life of the meat without impacting the colour or odour of the meat. It is an ideal natural antioxidant solution for topical application in large meat cuts.

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