Already since late nineties, MAJA has developed, produced and distributed high-quality portion control fresh meat slicing systems based on the system of volumetric slicing. At IFFA 2016, the new MAJA FP 240-6 was launched, a universal portioning machine for slicing applications of fresh or frozen meat cuts from pork, beef, veal, lamb and poultry. The latest MAJA portioning technology offers the highest degree of flexibility for equal-weight slicing of schnitzel and steaks, but also of beef rolls and meat cubes. Even pork and lamb chops can be portioned in an economic way.

The special advantage of this new system is the enormous flexibility. For this reason, the FP 240-6 is not only of interest for the meat processing industry, but it offers also interesting opportunities for medium-sized companies. The portioning process automation saves time and allows a high and an always uniform product quality. Moreover, meat processors can react more flexibly on seasonal extra volume and varying customer requirements.

Different slicing moulds can be integrated in one and the same calibration set, configured according to the customer’s individual requirements and the raw material to be portioned, allowing to process a high variety of products and to meet changing market demands. The product changeover is made within seconds, without the use of tools, just like the changeover of the weight category.

The FP 240-6 impresses by its extraordinary cutting speed of up to 240 cuts per minute. All cuts are of excellent quality with perfect shape and consistent thickness. The rotating chamber system allows the continuous in feed of the raw material under highest operator safety conditions, so that the portioning process can take place without interruption with minimum non-productive time.

The economic aspect is most important for portion control slicing. For this reason, customers can choose between two portion programs, focusing on either weight optimized portioning „Best weight“ or yield optimized portioning „Best yield“. The trimming-free division of the raw material can be adjusted individually. Both of the portioning programs offer the possibility of a fresh cut at the beginning and/or at the end of the raw material. Trimmings are discharged fully automatically and do not appear on the portion conveyor belt. Depending on the desired formation, a group complementation can be made for completion of the packaging unit.

The MAJA user interface on the touchscreen display in IP69K leads the operator in a comfortable way through the different authorization levels by user chip identification of RFID-technology.

Thanks to the modern servo drive technology, the portion control meat slicing system does not require compressed air connection.