Introduction of the New Small BoxFreezer by AAT-FREEZING

The demand from small businesses for freezing plants has now become very large: and the need has arisen for a freezer, which is more compact and can run with a smaller throughput. As a result, AAT-FREEZING decided to develop a fully automated freezer system for this market segment, which can be both adapted to and grow with the customer’s needs.

The Small BoxFreezer is an economical, automated refrigeration and freezing system for products requiring small production volumes. The system is ideal for products with varying freezing times and has a capacity of 4 tonnes (per unit), which can be expanded up to 24 tonnes (maximum viable level of expansion — 6 units). The Small BoxFreezer is also designed ready for the industry standard 4.0.

The system can be easily extended or relocated due its modular design. As the system is delivered in finished modules, the effort of installation for the customer is minimal. In addition, the Small BoxFreezer comes with an insulated foundation system pre-installed. This means that only a normal production hall foundation is needed on site. The Small BoxFreezer can be used where the range of freezer products is varied. A sophisticated loading and unloading system allows cartons, crates, ice cream containers, dairy products, convenience food and many other types of product packaging to be handled without the risk of damage. Dust generation and wear or damage with cardboard boxes are now a thing of the past. The Small BoxFreezer has been thoroughly designed down to the smallest detail and offers many advantages over comparable freezers.