Laska Impresses at ANUGA FOODTEC 2018. Higher Output, Better Hygiene, More Sophisticated Detail

Hundreds of visitors, including many international guests, visited LASKA at the ANUGA FoodTec trade fair in Cologne, Germany. With ‘The Perfect Cut’ as our motto, our well-established company exhibited a large number of high-tech machines for the food industry, made in Austria. We would like to thank all our great number of customers and retailers who visited and shared so many interesting conversations with us!

ANUGA FoodTec 2018 is now over. But the best is just around the corner. The new products exhibited in Cologne are set to launch, with the high-performance WWB 200 Plus and WWB 300 Plus angle grinders leading the way, now available to order. The other grinders that were exhibited – the W 130 Plus and WW 200 Plus, which set new standards in terms of hygienic design – will be available this year starting in late autumn.

We have put together the highlights from the trade fair for you below.

WWB 200 Plus and WWB 300 Plus angle grinders: the first to increase output on their own.
The new angle grinders provide 50% higher output on average than their predecessor models. WWB 200 Plus and 300 Plus have an intelligent drive control system. Similar to an autopilot, the machines control themselves autonomously. The grinders are especially effective at conserving material and maintaining hygiene during their work. The new hygienic design involving use of EHEDG-certified components minimises the risk of adulteration.

Not to forget the angle grinders’ other plus points:
Easy to use. To control an angle grinder, the operator merely has to switch it on and off. The rest is taken care of by the autopilot.
Clean running. New hygienic design and simple, time-saving cleaning options.
Compatible with production lines. The new angle grinders are equipped with an OPC UA interface as standard, so they can connect to other machines.