Meat Production Increased by 1.3% in Ryazan Region

By June 1, 2020, the farms of all categories in Ryazan region produced 37.6 ths t of cattle and birds for slaughter (on live weight basis), which is by 1.3% more than during the specified period.

The main meat producers in Ryazan region are agricultural holding companies, which from January to May, 2020 produced 30,000 t of all kinds of cattle meat and poultry, and that is by 2.7% more than in previous year. Pork prevails among the types of meat produced in the region, and the hog farms increased their production volumes by 7.8% versus the same period of the last year, producing 20.8 ths t of pork, including ООО “Verdazernoproduct” from Sarayevsky district (16.3 ths t) and ОАО “Ryazanskiy Svinokomplex” from Ryazan region – 4 ths t.

The poultry companies produced 1.8 ths t of poultry. The leading producer is ООО “Starozhilovskaya Ptitsefabrika” from Starozhilovsky district specialized in turkey breeding (they produced 0.9 ths t).

In 5 months of 2020, the agricultural companies in the region produced 7.4 ths t of beef. According to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, most of the beef production volume is produced by those agricultural producers who specialize in fattening of milk producing young cattle.

The breeding and raising of cattle in the region is conducted by ZAO “Kostino” from Rybanovsky district and ООО “Moloko-Tyrnovo” agricultural company from Pronsky district which specialize in raising Kalmyk and Aberdeen Angus cattle.