Meyn Releases New Rapid Plus Deboner M4.2 with Semi-Automatic Loading Carousel

The next generation flexible and labor-saving breast deboning solution

Labor and fluctuating market demands have never been so challenging in poultry processing. The strenuous effects of COVID-19 forced various processors to take measures like implementing social distancing and partly shift to other output products. The pressure on poultry processors to be flexible with both their input and output has never been so apparent. Together with decreased dependency on labor and increased requirements on health and safety, processors are facing demanding times. Meyn answers these challenges with the release of their new Meyn Rapid Plus Deboner M4.2 featuring the new Semi-automatic loading carousel. This upgraded modular, configurable deboning solution takes the next step to meet the need for flexibility and labor saving.

back meat harvesting caroussel

The Meyn Rapid Plus Deboner M4.2 reduces need for (skilled) labor and increases health & safety
Together with the Semi-automatic loading carousel, the Meyn Rapid Plus M4.2 with improved ergonomics enables processors to save up to 34 FTE per shift. Making the loading performance less dependent on the experience and skills of operators, leading to a more consistent input. Which results in a higher quality output.

Throughout the Rapid Plus solution, all required operators are standing on separate platforms. These platforms can be adjusted in height individually to ensure an ergonomic work position.

Fully customized with an eye for flexibility
Meyn’s well-known Rapid series offers full flexibility. Being the only solution available that can harvest all fillet and tender products automatically from both breast caps and front halves at a high speed of 7,000 BPH. Giving the processor the opportunity to harvest different end products:

Fillet products

  • Half fillet with tenders attached
  • Half fillet with tenders separated
  • Whole fillet with tenders attached
  • Whole fillet with tenders separated

Tender products

  • Non clipped tenders, normal quality
  • Non clipped tenders, high quality
  • Clipped tenders, high quality


  • Back meat
  • Carcass
  • High quality undamaged skin
  • Keel bone cartilage
  • Skin derived from back side of front halves
  • Scraped meat from keel bone
  • Tendons (clipped part from tender)
  • Wishbones

Both input and output can be adapted to changes in market demands. Three preset touch-buttons enable to adjust critical settings during production when product weight ranges change.

Additionally, the modular design of the Rapid Plus M4.2 provides poultry processors great flexibility to customize to the available floor space. The individual processing sections each having their own drive and gear belt to move the product carriers. The product carrier can be rotated in the best position for each individual processing step. Furthermore, the speed of the product carriers is varied across the system, slower at the place of manual operation and fast in automatic operation.

Knowledge is key to achieve the best result with processing solutions. Therefore, Meyn offers a default training. The Meyn Rapid Plus M4.2 training program ensures that technicians understand the relation between input product characteristics, adjustments and the required end product quality. For both production and maintenance.

With hundreds of Rapid deboning solutions sold worldwide, the Rapid breast deboning concept has been globally praised by processors and their customers and proven to be very successful. All customers truly see the benefits of Meyn’s unrivaled deboning solution. Its flexibility, significant reduction of labor costs and a minimized dependency on labor (skills) and input variety make it a true deboning game changer.