Miratorg Produced More Than 50K Tonnes of Poultry in Six Months

According to the “Miratorg” agricultural holding’s press service, the company produced more than 53.6 ths tonnes of high quality poultry during the first half of this year

“Miratorg’s” poultry project operator — “Bryanskiy Broiler” company — produced over 53.6 ths tonnes of high quality poultry from the beginning of 2018, which corresponds to the last year’s figure.

“Miratorg” is in top 10 of Russian poultry producers. The holding company implements a long term strategy for increasing the production of Russian high quality poultry. The complete cycle production chain includes a feed-processing plant with the capacity of 360 ths tonnes of feed per year, a hatchery for 86 mln eggs, 19 poultry facilities and a meat processing plant. The company is certified for export deliveries to the European Union, Serbia, UAE, Iran and other countries.

The agricultural holding company regularly invests in state-of-the-art production technologies, new product development, logistics and quality control at all stages of the production chain. The advanced meat processing plant with the capacity of over 100K tonnes of meat per year delivers more than 230 brands of chicken products, chilled meat and convenience meat products. The poultry operation using only home produced feed without any genetically modified additives and growth promoters leads to a high competitiveness of the final product in the market, while the unique processing technologies provide the consumers with a wide variety of delicious and healthy meat. The whole product range is presented in a package which preserves the freshness and natural properties of meat for a long time.

“Currently, the plant stabilized its production capacity, supplying meat products according to the consumer demand. Now we are focusing on improving the key performance indicators, cost saving, product expansion and prime cost control. We will continue investing in production development and best practices at all stages of the production chain “from the field to the counter,” “Miratorg’s” press service said.

Source: www.meatinfo.ru