MULTIVAC at Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona (25–27 April 2023). Packaging Expertise in Top Form

At Seafood Expo Global MULTIVAC (Stand 3DD601, Hall 3)
will be exhibiting packaging solutions, which contribute to an improved shelf life for fish and seafood, and at the same time ensure that the product is perfectly presented at the point of sale. In addition to concepts for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs, the focus of MULTIVAC’s presence at the trade fair will include sustainable packaging solutions and the company’s expertise in automation.
MultiFresh™, a process for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs, will be on offer from MULTIVAC. In addition to a wide spectrum of packaging machines, there is also an extensive range of films available, which was developed in conjunction with leading film manufacturers, and which ensures that optimum packaging results are achieved. This means that even food products with sharp edges or hard areas, such as bones or shells, as well as those with high product protrusion, can be packed securely and attractively.

At the trade fair two examples of this packaging concept will be shown in the form of the compact R 105 MF thermoforming packaging machine, which will be producing PaperBoard packs, and the fully automatic TX 730 traysealer. The R 105 MF scores heavily as a stand-alone solution with its small space requirement, particularly for smaller producers as well as those companies, which require a high level of flexibility due to the diversity of their product range. The TX 730 on the other hand is a fully automatic traysealer for packing products in trays made of mono materials. This efficient yet compact line on show in Barcelona will be complete with its own inline labeller.

Another demonstration of MULTIVAC’s high degree of expertise in automation and complete lines will be provided by a further line concept for packing seafood: the heart of which is the R 245 thermoforming packaging machine. In order to ensure that the maximum level of pack security and marking reliability is achieved at high throughput, the packaging machine at the trade fair will incorporate an integrated direct web printer and inspection system. A denester ensures in advance, that the cardboard packs are perfectly arranged when they arrive at the machine. The PaperBoard trays are coated with a thin film in the thermoforming packaging machine, and this prevents liquid soaking into the pack, as well as preserving the freshness and quality of the product. This packaging concept is particularly sustainable, since the film not only saves resources, but can also be released easily from the cardboard, and both components – cardboard backing as well as film – can be fed into the appropriate recycling stream after use.

MULTIVAC’s presence at the trade fair will be rounded off with video shows, which visualise the different options available for automation when packing fish and seafood, and the spectrum ranges from infeeding and loading through to the packing process itself, and right up to end-of-line with secondary packaging and palletising. MULTIVAC customers benefit from line modules from one source, which are perfectly tailored to each other, and also from the single overarching control of all the modules, providing the maximum degree of process reliability, operating convenience and pack security. And last but not least, there will also be a film demonstration of larger products being packed, such as for example whole fish, smoked salmon and fish fillets in film pouches.