New Concepts for Plant-Based Salami Substitutes from Loryma. Different Wheat Ingredients and Processings for the creation of Authentic, Plant-Based Sausage Specialties

From vegan salami as a hot or cold topping for bread and pizza, to Italian salami stick alternatives – ingredients specialist Loryma has developed concepts that authentically replicate the specific visual and haptic properties of their meat-based counterparts. The wheat texturates of the Lory® Tex range form the structure-giving base, while the choice of wheat-based binder (Lory® Bind) promises optimum binding and heat stability, thus ensuring the protein content of the end product is on a par with the original. To achieve ideal results, there are also various options for processing, such as fermentation or the addition of a plant-based fat alternative.

Various wheat ingredients create multiple textures and properties. For example, a wheat-based binder from the Lory® Bind range is suitable for the creation of vegan salami as a pizza topping, providing stability during heating. To achieve the typical appearance of salami with visible fat inclusions, a creamy fat alternative can also be added. This is based on Lory® Stab, a mixture of several wheat starches, as well as vegetable fat and water, and can withstand high temperatures. The wheat protein contained in Lory® Bind gives the recipes not only an elastic texture but also a nutritional profile as close as possible to the original. As a result, the protein content of wheat-based salami is at least as high as that of beef-based sausages.

Different manufacturing processes for authentic results
The concepts include several manufacturing methods to produce a wheat-based salami perfectly matched to the desired end product. One option is to add an edible acid, such as citric acid, to the vegan sausage meat and cook the sausage afterwards. Fermentation with starter cultures, as is common in classic meat processing, is more time-consuming. With the help of the microorganisms, the wheat salami matures for a few hours before being cooked. This method imitates the typical texture as well as the flavor of the meat product in the most authentic way.

“In many vegetarian meat substitutes, egg is added to provide the typical bite. However, our well thought out combination of various wheat ingredients gives an authentic result, but without the need for animal-derived additives,” explains Norbert Klein, Head of R&D at Loryma. Modifying the concepts for other sausage alternatives is also possible. For example, the heat-stable binder is also suitable for vegan chicken breast or beef jerky.