New ILPRA Food Packaging Machine Speedy Duo

ILPRA, is an Italian leading company in food packaging sector. Despite the actual global pandemic, ILPRA’s values and constant commitment have allowed the company not to forget its mission in providing quality packaging solutions throughout the global market. Thanks to the constant dialogue with their customers, they are able to increase their production, offering high-performance packaging solutions. ILPRA is proud to present a new model of packaging machine belonging to the Foodpack tray sealer line.

The Speedy DUO is an automatic machine with two independent sealing units managed by a touch screen panel. This allows the processors to eliminate the mould change while saving time for production. Like the other ILPRA models, the Speedy Duo is highly customizable and can be easily integrated into any production line. Optionally, using specific types of trays, it is possible to install a system of automatic size recognition and automatic guide positioning.

Like all other ILPRA packaging machines, this model is the ideal solution for packing a wide range of products (dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables, ready meals, etc.). For instance, the PROGAS® technology will reduce the gas consumption up to 50% when compared to traditional solutions. Remote maintenance allows to drastically reduce the intervention time and consequently, the maintence costs. This machine is Industry 4.0 ready, and it is engineered and realized within the company’s plants in Italy, in order to get a complete Made in Italy solution.