One Machine to Produce Various Burger Types with Diverse Fiber Orientations. Revo FiberFlex Creates the Perfect ‘Burger Bite’

Tasting a burger should evoke a feeling of delight about the flavor, succulence and texture of the bite. When shaping such a perfect burger, the orientation of meat fibers is an unexpectedly crucial factor. This seemingly subtle detail significantly impacts the overall ‘burger bite’. Getting a grip on this fiber orientation technology demands knowledge and expertise. Marel masters this art, leading to the launch of its brand new Revo FiberFlex solution. Unlike any other system in the industry, Revo FiberFlex is just one single machine, creating various burger types with diverse fiber orientations.

Proven technology

Revo FiberFlex combines the best of both worlds: Marel’s proven low-pressure forming technology from the RevoPortioner and the superior quality and flexibility of the PremiumFormer. Marel has succeeded in cleverly combining the qualities of the two into a single high-capacity machine. Revo FiberFlex allows processors to generate large volumes of burgers with a premium bite, with the option to vary the burger style.

Low-pressure consistency

Revo FiberFlex’s low-pressure forming ensures unparalleled product shape consistency and weight accuracy. Across the entire belt width, product specifications are met. The way the burgers’ fibers are orientated minimizes shrinkage during cooking, preserving the burger’s shape and size for an appealing post-cooking appearance.

Optimal versatility

With Revo FiberFlex, processors gain unprecedented versatility in creating homestyle and tender-fresh burgers, as both large and small fiber columns can be created. The system offers a multitude of options in terms of shapes, sizes, and surface indentations. This gives processors more flexibility than ever to serve diverse preferences and produce a variety of regional or local specialty burgers.