Quite apart from high inflation and exploding energy prices, the volatile availability and price fluctuations on raw materials markets are a huge challenge for the food industry. New solutions are needed in order to respond to consumers’ shrinking budgets. Accordingly, cost reduction remains a focus at Hydrosol. “More and moreRead More →

From vegan salami as a hot or cold topping for bread and pizza, to Italian salami stick alternatives – ingredients specialist Loryma has developed concepts that authentically replicate the specific visual and haptic properties of their meat-based counterparts. The wheat texturates of the Lory® Tex range form the structure-giving base,Read More →

The highest quality and huge variety of food and products, the most current trends in the food industry and the latest innovations in food culture can be seen only at FOODTECH 2023. The international exhibition for food and drinks, packaging, machinery and technology will be held from 21st of FebruaryRead More →

Miratorg sent its first train to the Russian Far East. 24 containers of meat products will reach the end customers in February 2023. In late 2022, Miratorg launched its new logistics centre. The main know-how of the centre is the cooperation between the Russian Railways and the international railway companyRead More →

By 35% more than last year. The chicken production volumes in Primorsky region are rapidly growing. Most of 15,000 tonnes of meat is produced by the agricultural companies. The leading companies are “Ussuriyskaya Poultry Plant” and “Agroptitsa” in Artyom city. The volumes don’t just grow by themselves. Over the lastRead More →

The sausage market analysis shows that although the overall production of sausages and delicacies in Russia is rising, the volumes of some casings began decreasing. Producers do this in order to keep the product prices affordable for the consumers. The sausage market analysis by the BusinesStat experts shows that theRead More →

“Yuzhniy” poultry plant in Ingushetia plans to double its turkey meat production volume. This was reported during a live broadcast by the Head of the Republic, Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov.“We built and commissioned it in 18 months. Now we are implementing the second stage of the project which will produce more thanRead More →