The annual Agroprodmash international exhibition for equipment, technologies, raw materials and ingredients for the food processing industry didn’t stop during the pandemic. It appears to be not only a unique case in the exhibition industry but also a barometer to assess the situation in the food industry. Judge for yourself,Read More →

After finalizing a successful project across European borders, Swiss meat manufacturer Bigler ( now relies on the brand-new, paper-based FlatMap® solution for its sliced meat. Packaging equipment manufacturer SEALPAC, together with packaging materials suppliers Buergofol and Van Genechten Packaging, found the right partner in Bigler to develop this new packagingRead More →

“Damate”, the largest turkey meat producer in Russia, will invest an additional amount of 12.6 bln roubles into the expansion of the turkey meat production project and will also expand its production capacity from 155 to 207 ths t on a carcass weight basis per year. The total investments intoRead More →

Supermarkets and QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) are asking poultry processors for high volumes of typical portioned products such as crispy tenders, medallions, burgers, uniform fillets, strips, nuggets, cubes and more. The production of these portions needs to be automated to handle the demand. Marel offers a big help in respondingRead More →

Welcome to the future. At KARL SCHNELL, we mobilize our energies to enable our customers and interested parties to have the most extensive and user-friendly visiting experience possible. This approach and the current major global challenges are the reason for us to completely rethink our digital presence. We present ourRead More →

Since Industrial Auctions has passed its 10 years of existence, things have changed all around! Where they began with only a total of three employees, they have now grown up to a staff crew of 25. This did cause certain changes, both internally and externally. However, Industrial Auctions’ main priorityRead More →

For almost 30 years, Hydrosol has been one of the leading international suppliers of specialty food ingredients system solutions. As it expands its long-term market position in this rapidly growing category, the company builds on its comprehensive knowledge of functional ingredients, industrial production processes, and the challenges of food shelfRead More →