This year, STEEN will be exhibiting on their trusted location on the Seafood Processing Europe show in Hall 4, booth 6201. Putting the focus on offering solutions they want to show, that they realize as no other, that every client is different and that every client requires a different solution. That is why they don’t only show their innovative machinery, but also display a selection of their available options. For the ST591 pin bone remover, they are showing a longer cable as, for some clients, the standard size is just not long enough. For the automatic skinning machine, ST600, they are displaying an infeed  table, so production can be sped up by facilitating the handling of (small) fillets. A new table for the ST540 fin-tail cutter enlarges the work surface and offers a complete solution regarding this machine as waste can also be collected in a lower section of the table.  For the ST700-series, a new and versatile table was constructed. Here, the removable knife holder can be safely stowed, razorblades can be disposed of, the belts can be hung from both sides and the removable top unit can be suspended from for better cleaning. Next to this, it helps your employees to keep your working area clear from parts so to create a saver work environment in a hygienic way. Curious? Why don’t you come by and see for yourself?!