The 27th International Exhibition Agroprodmash 2022. Results

The 27th international exhibition “Agroprodmash-2022” was held from October 10th to 14th at the Central Exhibition Complex “Expocentre”. It is the largest exhibition and convention platform in the Eastern Europe for the demonstration of the latest developments in the processing of agricultural raw materials and food production.

The exhibition was officially supported by Russian Ministry of Agriculture, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, under the patronage of Russian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and in close cooperation with the federal authorities, business support structures, research institutes, industry unions and associations.

Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Elena Dybova:
“The exhibition was attended by exhibitors not only from Russia, but also from friendly and unfriendly countries. This indicates that the ideas of the business often stay out of politics. When the politics don’t interfere with the economy, the businesses want to work, develop and be creative.”


This year, the exhibition was held in complicated political and economical conditions, but even those circumstances couldn’t prevent it from showing good results: 577 companies, 81 of which were newcomers.

Not only the best Russian developments were shown at the exhibition area of 52,000 sq. m., but also the products of the renowned international brands: technological solutions in food processing, production and cooling; ingredients and supplements for food production; progressive systems for industrial automation of the food processing companies; innovative packaging solutions and equipment; environmentally safe and non-waste technologies; brand new software.

The exhibition was attended by 505 Russian companies, including manufacturers, integrators and suppliers. From 216 manufacturers, 34 companies were debutants.

The exhibition hosted collective regional expositions from 7 regions of the Russian Federation: the Republic of Tatarstan, Altai and Krasnodar territories, Voronezh, Penza, Saratov and Tver regions.

The exhibition was visited by 20,080 specialists from 54 countries. A large number of visitors (95%) were food processing industry experts from 87 regions of Russia.

Chief Executive Officer of “Expocentre” Alexey Vialkin: “Compared to the last year, Russia’s participation increased by 59 companies. The number of foreign exhibitors decreased due to obvious reasons. However, the distributors from unfriendly countries, particularly from Germany and Italy, retain their positions through Russian companies. In the long term, we will talk about localization under Russian brands.”

Among the participants in the official opening ceremony of “Agroprodmash-2022” were First Deputy Chairman of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation on Agrarian and Food Policy, and Environmental Management Sergey Mitin, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy Artiom Kiryanov, member of the State Duma Committee for Agrarian Affairs Sergey Lisovskiy, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Elena Dybova, Director of the Department of Agricultural, Food, Construction and Road Engineering of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Maria Yolkina, Director of the Department of Food and Processing Industry of Russian Ministry of Agriculture Vladimir Skvortsov, Chief Executive Officer of “Expocentre” Alexey Vialkin.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation on Agrarian and Food Policy, and Environmental Management Sergey Mitin: “Agroprodmash” is one of the main exhibition events in Russia and a foundation for discussions about equipment, technologies, raw materials and ingredients for food processing industry. This year, there is a significant growth of the Russian production of food processing equipment and an overall improvement of the mechanisms of state support of this industry.”

The 25 exhibition salons showed the complete technological production cycle. The latest trends at the exhibition were the growth of the segment of Russian manufacturers, effective import substitution, cost optimization, search for new products and investments in Russian companies.

The largest expositions were presented by the salons “APM Meat Production” and “APM Poultry Production”. More than 100 exhibitors from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, USA, France and Czech Republic showed their latest meat processing equipment, technologies and associated materials.
The companies “Adam Group”, “Grossmaster”, “Eurogroup”, “YAFOR”, “Quat”, “Magratep”, “Meat Service”, “Promreshenie Export”, “Profirestconsult” and “Foodmechanic” presented their meat processing equipment at “Agroprodmash” for the first time.

The largest Russian manufacturers demonstrated their latest high performance developments in the field of natural and artificial casings, packs, nets and other materials for sausage production. There were several important premieres at the exhibition, including such companies as “Bizon” and “Van Hessen”.

The “APM Ingredients” salon hosted about 80 companies from 21 countries. Leading brands from Austria, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Finland and France presented their extended range of ingredients. The food ingredient supplier “IK Taroma Engineering” from Belarus showed its products at the exhibition for the first time. A well-deserved attention was attracted by the booths of the fast developing Russian companies which demonstrated their wide range of supplements, aromatic mixtures, functional blends and other ingredients that are highly demanded in various sectors of the food processing industry. Some of the newcomers were “Avangard”, “Aquanova Rus”, “Alpha Ingredients”, “Ametis”, “Asilab”, “Belkras 999”, “Vladisart”, “Dao Food”, “Ecocom”, “Imperial”, “Leto Group”, “Mona Ingredients”, “Metr”, “Nebo-M”, “Olimo”, “Polimerfarba”, “Swiftfood”.

One of the most representative expositions was created by about 100 companies in the salons “APM Bakery Production” and “APM Confectionery Production”. The salon hosted equipment from Germany, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Turkish companies strengthened their presence at the exhibition, including Van Meer, Memak Makine, Alke Machinery, Keskin Makina, Zeki Sahin. The visitors were particularly interested in the spiral and food mixers presented at the booth of “Chuvashtorgtechnika” (Abat), convection ovens, rotary cabinets and pizza ovens at the booth of “Voskhod”, jigging machines for different types of biscuits at the booth of “Divo-Oborudovanie”, enrobing lines in the exposition of “Dito-Group”, biscuit cutters, integrated industrial solutions for bakeries, industrial baking lines and automatic cake production lines at the booth of “Idea Technology”.

The “APM Packing Equipment” salon hosted more than 90 participants. Renowned Russian manufacturers and manufacturers of packaging equipment and materials from Austria, Belarus, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Japan presented their latest solutions in this salon, including such companies as Bizerba, ILPRA, IMA, G. Mondini, Polo Handels, Yamato Scale. The visitors were particularly interested in the booths of the leading Russian manufacturers of packaging equipment and materials.

The salons “APM MolTech”, “APM Filling” and “APM Beverages” hosted about 70 participants, including renowned manufacturers from Belarus, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, the Netherlands and Turkey. The dairy companies showed their equipment for dairy complexes, integrated lines for milk processing plants, single machines and units, capacitive and pipeline equipment, laboratory systems and solutions for quality control and food safety, equipment for production hygiene, packaging solutions and production automation systems for dairy industry, as well as flavor additives, starter cultures and additional cultures for the production of sour milk products.

Interesting solutions were showed by the salons “APM Automation of Food Production”, “APM Sanitation and Hygiene”, “APM Cold”, “APM Vegetable and Fruit Processing”, etc.
The extensive business program of the exhibition “Agroprodmash-2022” was focused on the anti-crisis solutions and measures of state support of Russian manufacturers of food equipment.

One of the most important events in the industry and a platform for a constructive dialog between the representatives of industry business and the authorities was the VI Forum “Food Engineering 2022” organized by the “Rosspecmash” association, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and “Expocentre”. The main topic was “Russian food engineering in the new reality. What to change and how?” In a plenary session, the leaders of the “Rosspecmash” association, specialized departments of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture, and innovative companies for production of food industry equipment discussed the preliminary results of the development of Russian food machinery manufacturers in 2022, import substitution, the opportunities of Russian companies in the field of the imported food equipment maintenance, production and localization of components, export development and measures of state support.

The VII Russian National Forum “Strategic Challenges before the Agrarian Business: Anti-crisis Solutions, Alternative Logistics, Raw Materials and Ingredients” was an important part of the business program. It hosted more than 300 manufacturers of equipment for agro-based industries and food industry, government officials and business representatives, trade unions, associations, logistic and consulting companies. This forum was organized by “Imperia Forum” and “Expocentre”.

The forum was opened by the analytic session “Tendencies and prospects of the dairy, meat, baking and fishing industries in the context of the sanction pressure”. Presentations were made by the managing partner of the expert consulting company “Neokon” Denis Raksha, the lead analyst of “Dairy News” Ekaterina Zaharova, Vice President of the Russian Union of Bakers Dmitriy Semionov, representative of the research holding “Romir” Elena Shishova and the analyst of “Skylex Group” Maxim Kuznetsov.

The experts addressed a wide range of issues in the context of the sanction pressure on Russian economy, changes in logistics and other new threats that appeared in 2022. The new challenges, in their opinion, affected all strategic processes of the agro-industrial business: modernization and development, supply of equipment, components and raw materials, sales, foreign markets and logistics. This forum was dedicated to finding solutions for those challenges.
The topic of the next session was “Reconfiguration of the ingredient matrix of the food processing industry under the new conditions”.

During the individual sessions, the experts of the agricultural sector addressed the issues of maintaining the food production efficiency during the global crisis, modernization of food production companies and logistical problems.

“Expocentre” and “Imperia” also organized the other two important events at the exhibition: the XVII Russian National Forum “Innovative technologies and equipment in the dairy industry” and the VII Russian National Forum of the baking and confectionery industry “Bakery Business”. The forums focused on the changes in the markets of dairy and baking products, market trends and development prospects.

“Expocentre” in partnership with the “Gorbatov” Food Systems Federal Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, organized a number of important events.

The experts expressed keen interest in the Food Marketing School. The main topic of discussion was “Positioning in 8 steps. A practical guide “How to create positioning and engage consumers in its creation?” which was attended by strategists, marketing directors and product managers of the food industry.

The XII International Meat Congress was dedicated to the topic “How to increase the food product shelf life.” The researchers of the “Gorbatov” Food Systems Federal Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as the company managers and meat market experts presented an overview of the state standards in food shelf life, discussed the fight with the biofilms in food production companies as one of the methods of extending product shelf life, the expedited methods of establishing shelf lives of canned meat and meat-containing canned foods, expressed their views on the role of the packages in increasing the shelf life of meat products and the impact of bacteria on the meat spoilage.

“Sfera” Publishing House in partnership with the IT company “KROK” organized the II Congress for Agricultural Digitalization. On the behalf of “Expocentre”, the congress participants were greeted by the First Deputy General Director Sergey Selivanov. During the sessions, the experts of IT companies and representatives of the largest companies in the industry discussed the main trends of agricultural sector digitalization in new realities, shared their experience in introducing advanced digital technologies, presented innovative solutions, successful cases and provided practical insights into many industry issues.

“Expocentre” in collaboration with “Rossouyzholodprom” and in partnership with the “Refrigeration Industry” portal organized the IV Conference “Refrigeration Industry: Effective Solutions for the Food Processing Industry”. This event identified the best solutions for the refrigeration industry. The participants discussed the import substitution of the refrigeration and heating equipment, drew attention to the successful products and technologies of the manufacturers of refrigeration equipment and components, addressed the issues of choosing and using the refrigeration equipment in the industrial refrigeration facilities: food companies, warehouses, stores with centralized cooling systems.

The conference “Robots in the food industry” attracted a lot of interest among the professional audience. It was organized by “Expocentre” and the National Association of Participants of the Market of Robotics in partnership with its system integrator – the “Meridian” company. The session participants discussed the robotics trends in the food industry and the issues of the introduction of robots into the food industry, and also shared their experience of the implementation of robotic systems in food processing companies under restrictions.

“Expocentre” in partnership with the Russian National Research Institute for Poultry Processing Industry organized a discussion platform “Poultry processing and eggs. Success through effective solutions – a practical approach, scientific innovations and legal regulation.” The experts shared their views about poultry processing, its competitiveness, safety and the innovative development of the companies from this sector. This event hosted renowned speakers from scientific and business communities, as well as experts from poultry processing plants and holding companies.

The exhibition also featured a Russian National Meeting of Owners and Managers of Meat Processing Companies “Sanction Crisis… It’s Time for Strong Strategies!” organized by the National Union of Meat Processors with the participation of experts, business executives, top managers and owners of meat processing companies from different regions of Russia. The invited speakers discussed the threats and prospects of the sanction crisis, and shared their experience and ideas about creating competitive advantages in the midst of a complex economic and political situation.

Another highlight was the II Russian National Convention of Turkey Producers organized by the National Association of Turkey Producers. The delegates discussed the market condition in Russia and in the world, and also reviewed the trends in the retail market and the role of turkey meat in it.

The company “Georg Polymer” organized a round table “Industrial Tray Packing. Prospects, risks, benefits, intrigues.” During the panel discussions, the representatives of the retail trade, meat processing companies, suppliers of equipment, trays, films and napkins discussed the real picture in this segment under the new conditions, as well as the possible predictions: the future of the technological packaging; redistribution between different types of packaging and in whose favor; the situation with the equipment supply and maintenance; the trends in the cost of consumables; reducing losses during the packaging process.

Sergey Eliseev’s workshop “Urgent optimization of agricultural companies in structural crisis” attracted a lot of attention.
Traditionally, one of the highlights of the international exhibition “Agroprodmash-2022” was the Show of the professional skills of boning operators.

11 boning operators took part in this competition: ZAO “Elizovskiy Meat Plant” (Kamchatka), ООО “REMIT Meat Processing Plant” (Moscow region), PAO “Cherkizovo Group” (Moscow), ООО “Kungurskiy Meat Plant” (Perm region), ООО “Altai Sausages” (Altai region), ООО “Pavlovskaya Sloboda Meat Plant” (Moscow region), ООО “Tambov Bacon” (Tambov), “Veles Meat Plant” (Kurgan), ООО “MPZ Bogorodskiy” (Moscow region), ООО “Vostochniy” (Udmurt Republic) and ООО “Dmitrogorskiy Processing Plant” (Tver region). The boning operators from Kamchatka and Altai region took part in the show for the very first time.

The leading company in production of filling and packaging equipment for the food industry “Tauras-Phoenix” organized an educational event for the students of specialized universities. The future specialists saw the equipment for filling and packaging of liquid, paste and bulk products.

During the entire exhibition, there were Consultation Centres for the refrigeration technologies, baking industry and food ingredients.

The Recruitment Centre of “Agroprodmash-2022” attracted a lot of interest from employers and applicants. According to the “Agroprodmash-2022” exhibition’s results, technologists, engineers and sales professionals are most sought after by employers. The demand for blue-collar workers, loaders, pickers, handymen, special equipment drivers, as well as for skilled workers continues to be high.

The 28th International Exhibition for Equipment, Technologies, Raw Materials and Ingredients for the Food Processing Industry “Agroprodmash-2023” will be held from October 9 to 13, 2023 at Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow.