The Realization of the Big Project in Russia

Mauting is a Czech manufacturer of smokehouse and meat technology that has been in the business for more than 27 years. During this time, the export of its devices has spread throughout the world; to 80 countries on all continents. Currently, Mauting belongs to the market leaders in its field and gained a position of the prominent and significant supplier of high quality machines and devices for meat industry. The company has its own research center, construction and projection. During its time in business, the company has designed, produced and supplied more than 4 500 smoking, cooking and air-conditioned chambers and over 330 climate chambers.

The Mauting air-conditioned chambers with the CrossFlow and Daf airflow systems are of great interest to meat manufacturers. These devices ensure proper conditions to fermentation, maturing and drying of salami and dried meat and remove moisture that is released from a product. Air-conditioned chambers guarantee high quality, accelerating the process and improving the business economy.

In late 2019, a very successful implementation of a contract for a Russian customer took place, to whom Mauting delivered an air-conditioned chambers complex for the heat treatment of a product. Mauting designed, produced and installed 2 pcs of the KMD maturing chambers for 198 carriages with the CrossFlow airflow system and 5 pcs of the KMZ 36 ripening chambers with the DAF2 airflow system.

The DAF and CrossFlow systems secures the most perfect, uniform drying in all places of a chamber and also ensures the best dehumidification possible without compromising the product quality. The system allows arbitrarily adjust the distribution of the airflow from above, or from below, to secure the fastest drying of the product possible to the required water activity level. When using the systems, the danger of forming unwanted fungal and other infection is reduced, as well as the risk of the “ring-forming”. Thanks to the alternate airflow, the high uniformity during the high dehumidification is ensured.

The most suitable solution for the warm smoking is to equip your business with the UKM Classic smoking chamber. The Classic chambers guarantee low heat loss (processes take place inside the insulated box), high processing speed and minimal weight loss. One of our recent bigger projects was, for example, the installation of 3 pcs of four-carriage smoking chambers UKM Classic for a customer in Belarus.

Mauting lately designed, produced and installed 6 pcs of smoking chambers with steam heating in the SMART design for eight carriages, type UKM 2008.D, 3 pcs of chilling chambers for eight carriages, type ZKM 2008, and the KMD maturing chamber for 240 carriages with the patented CrossFlow airflow system for the biggest meat-processing plant in Russia. The customer is very satisfied with the equipment.

The MAUTING air-conditioned, smoking, cooking and chilling chambers have proven themselves all around the world, from the Russian market to America. 