Time for Change! Premier Plus – The Contemporary Classic with a New Design

For decades, professional chefs have been relying on knives from the Premier Plus Series. And not without reason. Master chefs from around the world appreciate their uncompromising sharpness, their perfect balance and their classic and elegant design. Friedr. Dick has now taken this established and successful knife collection and has made it even better.

The experiences of the chefs who use these knives day in and day out were very much taken into consideration during the new development and the redesign work. The shape of the handle, free from any annoying corners and edges and an ergonomic design are of particular importance for those who work with the knives frequently and for long periods of time. With a passion for detail and with the highest quality of craftsmanship, the handles of the knives from the Premier Plus Series have been made even more rounded and as a result, sit even more comfortably in the hand. Each knife handle is given the final, careful touch by experienced professionals.

The exclusive premium quality is now made even more distinct, through the new stylish identification on the blade. The black and red printing gives the Premier Plus knives an elegant appearance and is a real eye-catcher with the otherwise classically designed knives.

It takes over 45 processing steps, a wealth of experience and a passion for perfection to create the perfect knife to meet the professionals’ demands. A great deal of importance is attached to achieving a perfect, first-class sharpness. Skilfully, the experts at Friedr. Dick have created the consummate compromise between a level of sharpness that is both exceptional and hard-wearing. Needless to say, Premier Plus knives are also completely hygienic. Thanks to the special manufacturing process, the handles are seamlessly connected to the blades so that no food residues or liquids can penetrate the handle area. The Premier Plus Series of knives are perfect companions for all chefs, whether they are beginners, professionals or award-winners.

The new Premier Plus knives will be available through Friedr. Dick authorised dealers beginning in December 2017.