Valmatic® will Show at Interpack 2023 Its Newest Range of Machineries Valpaper®

Valpaper®70™ Will be Showcased at the Event as a Cutting-Edge, Compact Machine that is Designed to Produce Eco-Friendly Valpeck Pouches with a Capacity of 30 to 100 ml, all Made of Paper

Since 1980 Valmatic® has been a leading company in Italy in designing and manufacturing single-dose packaging machines, always promoting sustainability and with its extensive research in the field, they are now introducing a new project called Valpaper®.

This brand is committed to producing high-quality, flexible, versatile and sustainable packaging solutions that meet the demands of nowadays consumers. By utilizing innovative technologies and taking an ethic and holistic approach to the production chain, Valpaper® aims to create packaging solutions that have a reduced impact on the environment.

The goal of this project is to communicate Valpaper’s values and establish a genuine connection with companies that share the same vision and choose its products and machines.

Valpaper targets especially industries in the food, pet food, veterinary sectors, as well as HO.RE.CA, brand and private label, who are looking to adopt a more sustainable and paper-based approach to their production processes. The project extends across various merchandise sectors, from food to cosmetics, nutraceuticals, household and chemical products.

Today’s families are living in a busy and demanding world, and as a result, their needs have evolved. They now seek sustainable, adaptable and innovative products that can be used quickly and efficiently. In response to this, Valpaper® technology offers practical, affordable and alternative solutions that enable businesses in all sectors to better meet those demands. Their aim is to fight food waste while ensuring the maintenance of quality and integrity of the finished product.

Valpaper® 70™ is the entry level model of the latest Valpaper® automatic line. It draws on Valmatic®’s long-standing industry experience and the most advanced technologies currently available. Valpaper® 70™ is a machine specializing in producing and filling stand-up single-dose paper-based packaging. Its rapid and consistent production is achieved through the alternating and rotating motion of the machine, allowing it to maintain high levels of performance.

Valpaper® 70™ has been developed with a focus on low pneumatic and electric consumption, making it an excellent choice for saving energy and promoting sustainability. This feature is in line with the current demand for reduced industrial consumption, which is increasingly required by customers worldwide. This machine stands out for its compact layout and consists of eight automatic stations mounted on a rotary structure.

Valpaper® 70™ produces stand-up containers, called Valpeck™, that are suitable for sale in large-scale retail and are also appropriate for use in the “cold chain”.

Valpeck® are packagings made with a recyclable FSC paper material. They are suitable for storing liquids, powders, gels, as well as creams and also are a stand-up product, made of lightweight material with a convenient tear opening.

They are the ideal solution for those looking for practical, reliable and environmentally friendly single-dose packs.

Thanks to its innovative design, this new product by Valpaper® allows the entire product inside to be used without leaving any leftovers, thus avoiding waste. This is because Valpeck ™ can be considered as a single serving, which makes it ideal to satisfy the needs of the average consumer and families consisting of fewer members.

Furthermore, Valpeck is a product that aligns with the values of many companies and laboratories seeking eco-friendly solutions, but also with all consumers who choose environmentally friendly solutions in compliance with international regulations for environmental protection and labor rights.

The size of Valpaper’s packaging ranges from 30 to 100 ml, with a standard width of 70 mm and a height ranging from 50 to 190 mm. This makes it suitable for a wide range of uses, from food preservation to personal care or cleaning products.

In conclusion, sustainable single-dose production represents a significant challenge for the future of the industry, and Valpaper aims to lead the green revolution by raising sustainability standards and promoting a more responsible and aware future for all sectors.

The project has already been presented to Valmatic’s long-standing customers and has proven to be a resounding success, demonstrating the company’s ability to offer 360 degree approach in providing packaging solutions.