Multisorb Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Aleksander Plonka to the position of Business Development Leader – Food and Beverage Packaging Europe. In this role, Plonka will support new business development efforts for the food and beverage packaging market in the region. This appointment demonstrates Multisorb’s ongoingRead More →

Like many other companies in 2014, FOSS was hit by the Russian import ban on a number of European foods. It has hit the European food industry hard and this has meant a slowdown of investments among a wide range of FOSS’ main customers. At the same time FOSS managedRead More →

On March 1, 2015, after joining forces to create a world leading protein company, three protein innovators become Essentia Protein Solutions.  On March 1, 2015, Proliant Meat Ingredients, BHJ Ingredients, and Proliant Health became Essentia, a new global company in the protein industry.  All three companies are owned by theRead More →

Flavouring preparations to use alternatively to traditional spices in order to reduce the microbial count and for aromatic stability CARNISPICE is the line of flavoring preparations developed to offer an effective alternative to traditional dry spices. Produced from natural essential oils and oleoresins of the same spices, CARNISPICE use asRead More →