Packaging industry has been proposing very innovative solutions in the last three years, including for the shelf stable seafood products. Among those are the CPET plastic trays or the cans with peel able transparent plastic lid. These packages need a highly accurate control of the overpressure in the autoclave duringRead More →

Industrial meat processors are looking for potential to make the production of sausage meat faster, cheaper and more efficient. Emulsifiers from LASKA are the machines of choice when a high hourly output with a constantly high product quality is desired. The machines produce stable and fine emulsions while being gentleRead More →

If you want to optimize your packaging process, raise your production capacity, facilitate the use of your machines, simplify the cleaning, improve your flexibility and innovate based on reliability and robustness of your machinery then Tramper has high quality solutions by presenting a complete and modular line during the SeafoodRead More →

Rockwell Solutions is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of peelable lidding films for the ready meal, dairy, yoghurt, produce, meat, portion pack and water cup sectors. Our films are all available with add ons; for example, anti fog, printability, MAP, laser perforation and flexo and gravure print. We will presentRead More →

Two new applications are available for the MeatMaster II X-ray fat analyser, one for automatic sorting of pork bellies and the other for in-line fat testing after the grinder. Both give meat producers new opportunities to obtain unique levels of accuracy for fat analysis and the best possible yield fromRead More →

Having helped to pioneer the development of automatic plate freezing for the food industry, Danish engineering company DSI (Dybvad Stal Industri) is now a world leader in this field. DSI specialises in designing and manufacturing both manually-operated and automatic plate freezers. Founded in 1969, the enterprising company has accumulated manyRead More →

The new Easy-Matic 52 TWIN pin bone remover from Danish Kaj Olesen A/S is fitted with two deboning units, which greatly improve the chances of removing all bones in the fish. In addition, it is easy to clean, maintain and move making it ideal for smaller productions. Checking for bonesRead More →

Cutting, mixing, emulsifying, working with or without a vacuum, cooking and cooling – with the proven TTChop cutter, all these processes are possible. The machines have ideally coordinated functions, impressive safety features and intelligent electronic support. Both operation and cleaning were significantly further improved and simplified. Production of cooked sausage,Read More →