On 25th December, The Minister of Agriculture of the Chuvash Republic – Sergey Pavlov had a working visit to the newly revived Cheboksary meat processing plant. He was accompanied by The Deputy Chairman of the State Council of the Chuvash Republic – Oleg Meshkov and The Deputy Manager of Chuvash branch of the Russian Savings Bank called Sberbank – Vladislav Goltsev. 

Fortunately, there was a native patriot and a Chuvash investor who invested an enormous amount here. In a short period of time, after three months of reconstraction, meat processing plant was reopened. 

Today the first party has been developed in the meat factory and its production has been made under old recipes and it is going to appear in city shops tomorrow. According to the plans of the managers of the new meat factory, the first step will be to produce a small volume – up to 50 tons per shift. 

“We really appreciate how fundamentally important is for us that millions of roubles have been invested in this project and  a lot of workplaces have been created. All this will bring significant additional revenues to the national budget in the future,” said Sergey Pavlov. “We have seen how the performance of the first production line has begun. The first stage has shown great prospects. Thank you for the great work.”

The management of the meat processing plant has assured the Deputy Prime Minister that they would not stop their progress but will expand it and create a large agroindustrial holding. In other words, large cattle-breeding complexes are going to be build near the meat processing plant. Furthermore, the use of selective, self-grown meat and the use of the latest technological equipment at all production stages will enable us to offer not only quality but also environmentally friendly, high-grade meat products to our customers.

Source: www. meatinfo.ru