AGROECO Launched a High-Tech Farm for Premium Pork Production

“AGROECO” Group launched a new pig breeding farm in Voronezh region. The high-tech plant will produce 16.2 K t of pork per year, including more than 6,000 t of the premium marbled Duroc pork.

In 2022, “AGROECO” won the fourth place in top 10 of Russian pork producers with the total output of 322,000 t of pork. This year, they intend to increase the pork production by another 18,000 t partly through the introduction of the new high-tech farm which will produce more than 16,000 t of pork per year.

The company reported that the pig breeding farm “Osetrovskiy” is designed for 5.2 thousand sows. Some of the pigs are of the Duroc breed which produces premium pork with wonderful gastronomic qualities: intense colour, delicate taste and fat layers that make the pork evenly marbled. For the production of such pork, pigs need special food rich in proteins and dairy products.

Most of the work in the farm is automated. The feeding and the microclimate maintenance processes are controlled by a computer. Moreover, special security systems are used for monitoring the condition of the animals, providing the highest level of biosafety at the plant.