The Non-Invasive Weighing Technology May Save the Pork Producers Up To 50 Million Roubles Per Year

The pig breeding farm “Lazarevskoe” launched a new program for pig weighing using video cameras with artificial intelligence. According to experts, this technology may save them up to 49.9 mln roubles per year by promptly detecting underweight animals.

The traditional weighing of pigs may be stressful to the animals and may lead to a risk of injuries among the workers who perform this procedure. Moreover, this type of weighing is conducted selectively and there’s a risk of missing the underweight animals. That’s why it’s impossible to reliably assess the situation at the plant. “Lazarevskoe” company reported that the non-contact weighing technology avoids these problems and saves money for the company.

The company also explained that they are currently using thousands of video cameras, and they plan to develop weighing models for various pig breeds in the future. This project is supported by Sberbank and Innopolis University. The first prototype of the system for weighing pigs by using a regression weight prediction model was launched in July 2023. The error rate was less than 5%.

The artificial intelligence provides the owner detailed data about the condition of each pig with the average daily weight gain per each animal. “Lazarevskoe” reported that it allows them to reduce the pork cost by 5%.