The press service of Belarusian State Concern “Belneftehim” has announced that the the State Concern is going to be a property investor of a large pig production complex in Rechitsa District on Gomel Region. 

The estimated cost of the project is 18 million euros. The capacity of the new farm factory will amount 24 thousand pigs per year. The number of the new high payed jobs will not be less than 100. The completion of the farm construction is scheduled for the end of the year 2015. Moreover, a building of a meat processing plant is also planned. Holding is planning to provide the pig farm with fodder produced locally. An official statement announced that The Deputy Chairman of “Belneftekhim” Yevgeny Podgorny participated in a solemn event held on 1st November 2014, which was dedicated to the start of the construction of the new complex. Investing in Belarusian agriculture, the state concern contributes to the improvement of its competitiveness and ensures food security of the country.

The State Concern «Belneftekhim» is the largest contributor to the state budget of Belarus. During the crisis of the post-soviet republics in 2011, authorities  attempted to release state-owned enterprises from non-core assets but Alexander Lukashenko has received economic assistance from Russia and he suspended the realization of the reduction measures on state expenses and the reforms in state sector.