Marel Townsend Further Processing offers the most complete range of machines ever for the production of cooked-smoked sausage, covering all production stages from meat preparation to packaging of the final products. Whatever sausage you want to make, regardless of the casing type, length or caliber, in very large or smaller quantities, we can put together the perfect solution for you.



For sausages with a consistent weight and size, great savings on casings and the ultimate food safety levels, the QX co-extrusion system from Marel Townsend Further Processing is impossible to beat.

Our innovative and flexible QX co-extrusion system gives you attractive sausages, made without a twist, whose edible casing has an excellent bite. Sausages are very uniform and consistent with each sausage being identical in shape, length, caliber and weight. Co-extruded sausages will keep their shape during drying and smoking as well as during grilling, frying or in the microwave. The casing will not bubble or come off, so quality is very consistent. The sausages meet the very highest food safety requirements due to full automation of the system.



Firstly, a dosing pump extrudes a continuous flow of meat mix. When the sausage is formed, a thin layer of casing gel is extruded (co-extrusion) and spun onto the sausage meat by a rotating nozzle. An ‘endless rope of sausage’ is produced.

Contact with a brine solution causes the gel to start turning into a casing. After brining, sausages are cut into specified lengths by the crimper wheel, pre-dried (and heated) and liquid smoke applied. This adds color and taste and helps the sausage acquire its strength. The products are dried once more.

Sausages are then ready for packing. They can be loaded automatically by a loader or robot into their final packaging (such as a thermo former that seals the pack), thus maximizing food safety.

The last stage in co-extrusion sausage production is cooking the product in its packaging. Sausages are sterilized or pasteurized (depending on the pack) and get their definite structure. The sausage is now ready to eat. The ‘cook in the pack’ principle is a key factor for product quality and food safety.