Danish Export Associationat Anuga FoodTec 2024. Sustainability, Innovation, and Top Quality in Food Processing will be Showcased at the Pavilion of Denmark at Anuga Foodtec 2024

If you’re looking for state of the art equipment in food processing, Anuga FoodTec is the place to be. And if you’re looking for the best of the best, The Pavilion of Denmark is definitely worth a visit.

A strong lineup of 21 Danish exhibitors joins the Pavilion of Denmark and between them they showcase products and solutions that make food and beverage processing more sustainable, efficient – and energy efficient – and improves quality of the food.

Energy savings and food quality
In the largest stand on the Pavilion of Denmark, you find DSI Dantech. The company is a global leader in freezing technology and provides solutions that ensure high food quality by maintaining taste, texture, color, flavor, and nutritional value while enhancing food safety by preventing bacterial growth and survival.

DSI Dantech is the only supplier of all freezing, cooling, and heating solutions including Mechanical Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology, Cryogenic IQF technology, and Plate Freezing technology. So, whether you’re seeking unmatched freezing speed, extended operational durations, cost-effective production, a space-efficient design, or large production capacity, DSI Dantech has the technology and solutions you require.

Additionally, DSI Dantech’s solutions are up to 30 percent more energy efficient than other freezing alternatives, saving resources, energy costs and CO2 emissions.

“We aim to set the standards of innovation in the food industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of freezing, cooling and heating solutions that not only revolutionize production processes but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future for the global food industry. Reduced energy consumption, minimal water usage, and lower chemical usage contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly food processing approach,” says Henriette Sabine Thorup, Marketing Manager at DSI Dantech.

Precision and energy savings with hydraulic valves
Aiming to save energy, minimize down time and optimize precision in processing of beverages and other fluids, Hydract has developed a hydraulic valve system that reduces energy consumption by at least 95 percent compared to traditional valve solutions driven by pneumatics (compressed air).

For instance, in a Danish brewery using the hydraulic valves from Hydract, the energy consumption for the valves will be reduced from 1,2 million KWH to only 4000 KWH. 4000 KWH is the equivalent of the yearly consumption in an average Danish household.

“We experience rising demands and interest for this solution, especially from the dairy industry. It’s not only about saving money, but also about the companies striving to reach emission goals and digitalization in operations. This solution is a way to drastically decrease emissions,” says Michael Hansen, sales manager at Hydract.

Among other advantages with the hydraulic valves is the fact that they are much more precise and powerful. Combined with a hydraulically locked piston this leads to more efficiency and safety in the processing – as pressure transients are eliminated. Due to the hydraulic precision, the valve piston always regulates to the closed position – thus adding a lot less wear and tear to the valve sealings.

Furthermore, the system is fully digital and therefore provides data which among other things are used to predict maintenance.

Calibrating with precision is a huge water saver
Eilersen Electric is all about a greener future. With their high-precision Digital Capacitive Load Cells manufactured for the food and pharma industry the company has the solutions for high accuracy and high-resolution weighing systems.

Dynamic weighing for the food machinery is another of Eilersen’ specialties. The robustness combined with the high quality and accuracy makes Eilersen solutions the perfect fit for machine builders.

Further Eilersen has developed an onsite calibration system called EilerCal. This system saves millions liters of water and many man hours in large production areas where regular calibration of tanks and silos is necessary. In 2023 Eilersen was nominated for the HI Sustainable Award at HI-messen in Herning, Denmark.

“We believe that EilerCal contributes positively to the green transition of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry by reducing their annual consumption of water by millions of liters. Developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, EilerCal has already made calibration easier and faster, saving our customers water and energy. Therefore, before the launch, we have experienced great interest from the largest international pharmaceutical manufacturers,” says Sebastian Schlicker, Product Manager at Eilersen Calibration Solutions.